Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up, up and away!

Farewell for now my friends. As much as I love blogging and catching up on all the blogworld has to offer I have decided to take an indefinite break.

After many months of ill health and surgeries, I have decided to spend more time getting super healthy. I'm not sure if I'll be back to this blog or not, will play it by ear.

My darling Tinker is amazing as always. She adores preschool. She attends two days per week from 9 til 3. She absolutely loves it. From the very first day she has adored it. Never a tear or a "don't go Mama" she just loves playing with her classmates, learning from the teachers and she even loves the food. Who'd have thought my fussy eater would be one of the best eaters in the class?!

At 2 and a half she speaks like a 5 year old. Clearly and fluently and she continues to raise eyebrows with her quirky sense of humour and wit. She tells jokes and can read numbers 1 through 10, most of the alphabet and continues to love learning Mandarin. She is such a little star< I couldn't be more proud of my girl.

She often asks for a sibling so that is another project for Mama and Papa right now. Our lives are full, we are very lucky.

Take care everyone.

xx Carolyn


  1. Take care Carolyn. I was looking forward to your blogging again but totally understand your need for a break and to focus on getting yourself healthy and well. xx

  2. I'll miss you - but life is like that you get busy etc hope you get what you wish for....well I hope we all get what we wish for!

  3. I'll miss hearing about your adventures with the clever Tinker. I hope you can come back when you are ready. All the best!

  4. Will miss hearing your adventures with the clever Tinker. Hope you return when you're ready! All the very best!

  5. Carolyn, you're a great mom from what I can see and I wish you all the best! You know you can always can count on us (me) for whatever you like. I too am on a mission to become a mom, and I know all the effort it takes, so keep beign the amazing and inspiring person you are and I hope to get to read you again sometime soon.
    From a Oz lover xox Nina

  6. Take care Carolyn. Hopefully you will be back soon. x

  7. Take care. I feel like you had disappeared into the ether. Maybe one day we can do Balmoral with the kids again - sounds like T would talk Harry's ear off. x

  8. You will be sorely missed......

    Please do think about coming back when you're ready.

    Take good care of yourself and your lovely family.

    I don't want to miss out on all of Tinker's outfits and adventures. Maybe a photo montage one day?

    Jen in Melbourne

  9. I, too, am taking a break. I wish you well!

  10. Take care, spend a great time with your family, and enjoy every minute of it. We will miss you and hopefully you'll come back blogging one day...

  11. Au revoir, my friend. Our paths will continue to cross in other ways, I'm sure.

    Here's to new adventures!

  12. Oh, I'll miss you too. You wrote so wonderfully. I can see you need to get your spark back. It's been a tough ride. Be kind to yourself. With very best wishes. Deb xx