Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A 'Skinny' Wheel

In light of recent publicity about the latest PETA ads I thought I might mention a little something about sheepskin.

On a recent trip out west to the plant nursery my husband and I found ourselves at the traffic lights next to a lady with something like this going on:
Now we all know about those strange abacus bead-like car seat covers that are all the rage amongst Sydney taxi drivers, but what is the deal with sheekskin steering wheel covers?

Surely there is nothing more bogan for your car?

We spent a good ten minutes discussing why anyone would think that a ring of elasticised sheepskin could possibly finish off the look of their car interior... we couldn't figure it out.

All I could come up with for this hideously bogan accessory is that maybe they do it to stop their hands having to touch a hot steering wheel in the steaming Sydney summers? However all it takes even on a 40 degree day is to switch on the aircon for 2 minutes and then the wheel is nice and cool.

Surely adding 2 minutes of waiting time to your journey is worthwhile when the alternative is instant car accessory hell. If there was a Tim Gunn for vehicles or even a washed up Trinny and Susannah, this steering wheel item would be your immediate ticket onto the show.

For those poor mongrels with no air conditioning, stay at home lest you even consider buying such a feral thing for your poor car.


  1. They are scarily popular. Some people even think they are 'classy'.....shudder. This is coming from someone who worked very close to an extremely bogan area in a car parts store for years......

    Oh the fabulous people we would have shopping there. Made for brilliant lunch room discussions.

  2. haha, how funny. so your not going to get one carolyn?

  3. Don't lie Carolyn, we all know you have one ;) bahaha! Hideous!

  4. Carolyn, you didnt credit that photo, does one presume that it is actually on your own car? Maybe the old one that you keep on the front lawn ;)

  5. Gosh well I figured that nobody would own up to that photo so I need not give credit!

  6. maybe they do it to stop their hands having to touch a hot steering wheel in the steaming Sydney summersHmmm ... not sure that sheepskin is a great deal more comfortable if it's the heat that's the problem.

    Although of course it would soak up the hand sweat. Ick.