Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Why Stepford Dreams?

Don't we all want to be robotic maids? No, seriously I guess for me making the jump from being a lawyer to being a full time wife and mother has been comical in some ways.

I was not raised by a housewife, my mum went back to work when I started school so I think for me my idea of what 'home duties' entails came mainly from TV and movies. So going to the extreme as I often do, I chose Stepford Wives... I figure if I try to emulate those deliciously charming robot wives then maybe just maybe I'll be 1/10th of the way to Martha Stewart status.

This blog will cover my awfully amusing efforts with the sewing machine, all the crazy child wrangling and the odd rant about my favourite topic- The Bogan. I may also ramble a bit about online shopping. I am a recovering addict. My husband might disagree, he could use our credit card statement as evidence of a current and active addiction... I do try not to buy as much these days, really I do.

Anyway this is my first ever blog and I really hope it works!


  1. Great start, gorgeous - look forward to reading more! xo

  2. Love it Carolyn... I look forward to reading more..

  3. I've always loved your "ramblings" Carolyn and will look forward to your posts! Welcome to the blogesphere! x