Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fancy a whine?

Since I fell pregnant with my daughter I have been whining about the lack of quality nursery furniture in Australia. Everything is clunky and ugly and most nurseries are horribly twee and completely lacking in style. Sorry Australia but your kids rooms are bad! It isn't just the Winnie The Poo wall vinyl letting us down it is the chunky glider chairs like these:

Can someone honestly hold their head up high and say they think this "pleather" glider is nice piece of furniture, can they, honestly? What is nice about it?

Now who actually thinks this fugly plastic/polyester ensemble is "fit for a princess"?

What is going on in this country how can we be so uninspired?

Look at this bedding:

This is what many Australian parents aspire to when it comes to their dream nursery:

It is so horrid, we are so deprived when it comes to great stores for children over here. I wasted hours online when I was pregnant trying to figure out how I'd import some stylish nursery furniture into the country. In the end I had to settle for making do with slightly changing drawer pulls and making some of the soft furnishings myself.

I'll post pics in a few months time but for now please join me in a collective groan about how lacking Australia is when it comes to gorgeous baby things.

The yanks might have half their population living like paupers in the 3rd world, the most hideous health care system and millions of freaks with guns but at least they have cool glider chairs like these.

Yep there are wars on, people are dying, the economy is a mess and I have just wasted an entire post on a rant about daggy nurseries. Sorry about that. Humour me, someone has to be shallow. Without me, how would you know that your quality blog posts on world politics and complex human emotions were so well thought out and worthwhile?


  1. haha too funny!
    I too cannot stand all the above - especially the hideous glider. ugh! yep there is some serious lack of taste going on in this country...

  2. Maybe you could start a business importing and designing beautiful nursery furniture ? It would you give you lots of extra $ to spend on little girls clothes !!!!

  3. I'd love to but would need a silent partner... willing to contribute 100% of the capital. LOL

  4. Oh I am so with you on the hideous glider chairs. I cant understand why anyone would want to own one!

  5. Hey Carolyn, can you please send me a quick email to I can't find your email address and now you're taking a break from facebook!

  6. here here but i would much rather live in Australia!

  7. Agree with you. That glider chair I was forced into at baby co by a over bearing assistant, I fell right out of it, I felt sea sick. yuk.
    Keeping it simple and light, that's what a baby room should be like, imagine whats going on in their little minds when they wake up to all that fabric and horrid frills!

  8. I don't care how comfy those glider chairs are, they are just too grotty! I agree on the linen too, there just aren't enough modern, stylish ranges out there.

  9. um, i have that bassinette. only joking! hahaha funny as always Carolyn. Now when are we going to see more of Tabi Tinker's room? :)

  10. I agree with you- but of course im always too afraid to say it.
    I suppose it goes both ways.... the over the top "winnie the poop" nursery owners probably dont like my style.

    I prefer minimal... less is more.