Friday, March 27, 2009

Small Hopes

Ok so does anyone in Sydney need a cleaner?

My cleaner is a really sweet Thai lady and her rates are really really really reasonable. She sent me a rather desperate email today, I have copied it below. The line about her small hope for her life really got me. Shame! Let me know if you want her details.

I've something for you help me please.If you have your friend if they need a cleaner to cleaning them house,can you call me please or sms and email. I've available on Monday,Thuesday and Thursday.(Is it small hope for my life.)Thank you for read my email


  1. Could you please send me your cleaner's details? My email address is daniellepayten at
    I have twins in a 2-bedroom unit so the place looks like a tip within a matter of hours ;o)

  2. Oh that's sweet. I'm prepared to fly her to Melbourne every two weeks for that note!