Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All that glitters

My daughter Tinker (her name for the purposes of this blog) just got some new shoes and they fit beautifully. This is them, everyone needs some gold sneakers, surely?:

I also bought her a pair of these sandals but they don't fit. Way too big. Oh well, given my record one out of two isn't too bad!


  1. At her age, too big is better than too small. At least she can grow into them!

  2. What size are they? I'm looking for some new sandals for EJ if you want to sell them.

  3. Erin they are a size 8, the bottom of the shoe measures 16cm and it says they are for a foot 12.5-13cm but Tinker has very long narrow feet and they are about 11-12cm... I emailed the store to ask about exchanging for a smaller size but they have not yet replied. Hmm.
    I reckon they look big for EJ too, from memory she had little feet?

  4. She just fits in to an Aus 4. I'll try to measure her feet when she goes to bed tonight.