Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter eggs

Not sure what we are going to do for Ester this year, maybe our Tinker is old enough for an easter egg hunt. Might have to put some thought into it. In the mean time I am loving these little wooden eggs:

They are made by Haba. I really love Haba's wooden toys they are so beautifully made and they are a refreshing change to the loud flashing plastic toys of Fisher Price- banned in this house to save my ears and also because I don't think they are all that helpful for young minds. My daughter loves her wooden toys, I think sometimes toys are over complicated and while they might appeal to adults they aren't a hit with kids.

You can buy them here for $15.50 from this Australian store:

Everyone else could go for the Land of Nod store. They are US based but ship internationally. I have bought some lovely things there:


  1. Wooden toys are lovely things! I am slowly building up Rosie's collection of Brio toys. She loves them and plays with them every day. Also trying to avoid all things Fisher Price...

  2. Henry has those eggs! he loves them!

  3. You can say that again! I've sworn to never buy toys again. My kids have every category of toy in an effort to create a nurturing enviornment... They play with everything BUT the toys!