Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Our house has so many empty spaces that our daughter crawls from room to room shouting just to hear her voice echoing. Sad, really!

See we moved from an inner-city Victorian terrace to a large Federation family home. We blew the budget just buying the house so we have not been able to furnish it. All we have is what we brought with us from the old place and that isn't much at all. The biggest void is the formal lounge and formal dining rooms. They are completely empty!

Unable to decide on a style of decor for those rooms, it is probably for the best that we have no money to furnish them. Here is a photo I found on Architectural Digest I think it is a great example of the look I hope to achieve in the formal lounge room when we eventually get around to furnishing it.

I think it is gorgeous, really warm and homely but also slightly more formal than the typical Australian lounge room. This is a photo of Kelsey Grammer's home in Colorado I love that is has lots of beautiful colours, patterns and textures, nothing too OTT American- only slightly quirky but elegant. Really it is just perfect for what I have in mind.

At the moment our house is a mixture of styles I think, we love to buy things from a local furniture store called Coco Republic, we have many of our lights from there. They also have gorgeous furniture and they tend to have very big items as well. Nowadays people tend to have smaller homes so it is tricky to find large dining tables and lounge suites that aren't hideously garish but Coco Republic manage it well. Nothing too loud and gaudy. We tend to choose muted colours and lots of black features like the signature CR tripod lamps so I think when we do get around to furnishing the formal rooms we will branch out and go for colour.

We will probably return to old faithful Coco when do get around to finishing the decor in our bedroom but I thought I might just show you a gorgeous setee I found from Martha Stewart's Bernhardt range. This will work wonderfully under the side window in our bedroom in between where we have the bed and the fireplace.

Alas these rooms are a long way off. In the meantime I think I'll have a Cherry Ripe and sit back and enjoy the silence while my little bunny sleeps the night away. Have a great evening!

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  1. I adore Coco Republic!!! I'd love the Martha Stewart bed they have there!

    I love the photo you have picked as inspiration for your formal lounge!