Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bushfires

I thought I should say something about the fact that I am waffling on about holidays and hairdressers at a time like this.

Like everyone else in Australia my heart is heavy with the knowledge that so many people have lost their lives and their homes as a result of these killer bushfires.

Blogs are full of sad stories, heart wrenching photos and moving tributes.

Because my TV is on and my computer screen is bursting with this info I figured yours is as well. So I'm purposely not bloging about this extreme tragedy so that we can all take a light hearted moment to look at a boot, laugh at a hairdresser and hopefully thank our lucky stars that we are able to do that.

All I'll say is that I hope everyone takes a minute to donate a few dollars if you are so inclined. The need is great.

That is all. I'll now get back to my shallow lighthearted posts.

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