Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Quick Boot

This lovely shiny friend is a black croc embossed patent leather 'Mallory' boot by Charles Nolan.
It is the perfect flat boot. I whinged and whined all Winter because I couldn't find a comfortable but long flat boot.
They either ended up looking like preppy riding boots or confused cowgirl so I gave up my search. Of course now that it is a stinking 40 degrees here and I have no need for such a shoe, I have found 'him' on Bluefly. ON SALE!
What makes him great boot in my humble opinion, is that it still manages to be pretty sleek and sexy despite being a totally flat boot.
The croc pattern is part of it, so is the patent leather and it is a really lovely narrow square toe. All in all a very functional boot for someone who struggles with the idea of buying high heeled boots only to couple them with toddler stained outfits that look oversized and underironed. This is a nice practical boot with a little bit of yummy mummy on the side.


  1. Winter will be here before you know it ....


  2. Doesn't feel like it today, 40 stinking degrees!

  3. Gorgeous! I have started buying up my winter fashions already. Cant wait!

    Hope you aren't melting too much!

  4. Divine.

    Nothing is nicer than a fabulous boot.