Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Confession

Forgive me fellow housewives for I have sinned...

I have these thoughts I know I shouldn't have. Ugly, angry almost violent thoughts.

Really this is bad, brace yourselves.

Ok so, I hate my Kitchenaid Mixer.

There, I've said it. Now I can move on.

I always wanted one, I had to have it. So my inlaws bought it for me as a wedding gift and I can't believe I am saying this but I hate the hideous thing. It is drives me bonkers and whenever I feel particularly Martha-ish and in the mood for baking I dread getting my KA out of the cupboard.

Really it is my fault. I chose the most expensive one, the K5 Deluxe. I chose that one simply because it said "deluxe" and it cost more so me being me, I figured it was bound to be a better machine!

Well as it turns out, this one is more powerful than the regular KA Mixer and you can mix bigger loads of batter but that's all. It is ideal for those of us who bake lots of bread. *ahem* perhaps "us" is not really suited to that sentence since I do not bake my own bread...

Anyway the downsides are that it only comes in red or blue (I chose red for my inner champagne communist side) and it doesn't have a tilt head. It is more robust like the commercial ones so it goes up and down instead of tilting back. This means you have to have a massive tussle with the thing to get the attachments on and off.

That is the main reason I hate it. Actually it is the only reason, the lack of the tilting head. Maybe I need to use it more often to fall in l,ove with it. A bit like an arranged marriage if you will, perhaps the love story needs to be re-written.

Rather than the traditional "girl meets mixer, falls in love, they live happily ever after" I will have to go for the arranged marriage version (who gets the dowry?!)and just learn to love my mixer over time... Perhaps we will grow to be soulmates.

In the meantime I will continue to blame our strained relationship for the lack of home made goodies.


  1. sell it on ebay and buy yourself a red tilt head one.

    And for god's sake, leave it on the bench, those things are bloody heavy to lift out all the time!

  2. So I shouldn't buy the deluxe then?! *makes note to self*


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  4. Ah what happened there ^^^? It ate my comment!

    Oh Carolyn, no KA love. I'm so sad for you.

    However, she is a very pretty colour (bearing in mind, I am a touch biased) and I'm sure you'd have a much better relationship with an Artisan tilt head KA.

    As April said, sell your deluxe via eBay and buy yourself a tilt head. I'm sure the inlaws won't notice!

  5. I coudn't do it, I'd feel too guilty! Plus my mother in law stays with us a lot and always uses it so she'd notice for sure. She is always complaining about the lift head. Apparently there is a trick to it. It will probably take me another 5 years to figure out.