Friday, February 13, 2009

Naughty Noo Noo

"Naughty Noo Noo" my daughter's favourite phrase this week. She learnt it off the teletubbies. She said it to me earlier tonight and she is so right.

It is almost midnight. In 3 hours I have to feed her. 3 hours after that she gets up to start the day and then we are off to the airport to board a 10 hour flight to Thailand with our one year old.

Won't that be fun for the other passengers?

So I have not packed our bags yet. Not sure when I plan on packing them... Here I am telling you about this great bedding I saw at DJs yesterday. It is from Yves Delorme and it is called "Jour". I must have it. I must. Even before my apron wearing days I had an addiction to quality bedding. Now even more so. I must have this. Here it is, isn't it pretty?

Some more info here:

Anyway I should be packing right now. The problem is that my husband reckons I have laid out too many things and we won't have enough room in our luggage. I find it hard to believe that our one year old can manage without 4 swimsuits, 14 dresses, 8 pants/shorts ensembles, 6 hats, 4 pairs of shoes, 10 onesies and 8 bibs. Really, I mean really. I have culled and I have culled and that is all that is left on her pile. I don't know how he thinks we can go away for 2 weeks without all this stuff not to mention to the stroller, the nappies, the toys...

Ughh I feel unwell. I hate packing dammit. Ok so I think I have to go and sit in the empty room and stare at the bags and the piles of clothing some more. Over and out! Bon Voyage to me. xx

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  1. Ohhh, that is pretty linen. I like. Similar to the set on our spare bed.

    As for the packing, just tell Rich that if he has an issue with the amount you are packing, he can do it himself ;) Sure to shut him up.

    Unless of course, he does do it. then your up sh*t creek without a paddle :P