Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunglasses ID

Anyone recognise these sunglasses the crazy Angelina is wearing?

I have decided that I MUST have them.

The little tinker has not been loving towards my current pair and I think they might need replacing or at least demoting to the "car glovebox emergency" status.

Let me know if you've seen these. Not sure if they are current or not.


  1. it might sound strange, but I have a similar pair from Target. since my little one loves to find them, wear them, break them, I have resorted to cheapo's and I found some like Angies there.
    The real things though she is wearing I think are by Salvatore Ferragamo and cost around $300-$400 US!

  2. The above is right - they are "Salvatore Ferragamo - FE 2118B" and you can find them reduced here -

    Enjoy ♥

  3. I was just going to say they're Ferragamo's but it looks like i'm a little too slow! They're gorgeous and i think i must have them too.

  4. You all have much better eyes than I do! How funny. In my previous life (which was far more fabulous in terms of shopping) the only shoes and bags I'd wear to work were Ferragamos. Now my beautiful bags live on a shelf and high heels don't even get looked at anymore. I certainly don't shop on Castlereagh St these days. Oh well. They are are lovely.