Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am very lucky to have such clever crafting friends because looking at their handiwork always inspires me to try a little harder. Granted, my stuff still turns out wonky but the thought is there.

This week I am feeling particularly inspired. My gorgeous friend Kylie is known for her amazing cards and beautiful baby things and her eye for All Things Lovely she surprised me with a most generous and inspirational gift. This book here:

I plan to read it next week while I am on holiday here:

We are off to Bangkok and Chaing Mai, our first proper holiday since our homeymoon and our daughter's first trip abroad. Look out everyone else on our plane, this kid is LOUD!

When I get home, I will be ready to get back to my wonky sewing adventures and hopefully now they won't be as wonky because my incredibly talented crafting friend Theoreticgal has gifted me with THE most amazing sewing kit:

Just drooling over her amazing creations is inspiration enough, in fact it was she who really enncouraged me to give sewing a try in the first place so this incredibly thoughtful and generous gift left me absolutely speechless. Inside the beautiful vintage style Singer sewing box is a bunch of essential items as you can see she even sent along a quarter inch foot and some beautiful quilting squares. The very beautiful and much sought after Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones will certainly become dog eared after I make my way through each and every pattern.

I really am very lucky to have so many inspirational friends, I just wish my sewing did them justice!


  1. Now, given you plan to do some sewing when you get home, buy up big on all the beautiful materials in thailand. There is so much choice!

    My mum would be jealous

  2. Really it is only their silks that are worth buying and I'm not sure there is much I could do with silk April. I'm not sure the little one deserves a pair of silk PJs... You should see the stash of fabric I already have. It just sits patiently waiting for me to either get some talent or commission someone to make something for me.

  3. What a gorgeous gift from Theoreticgal... she certainly is a good friend to have (I am in posession of a few of her Ottobre's at the moment, very generous)! Can't wait to see what you make from the Little Stitches book, I have been tempted by it many times.

    Hope your little one is on the mend :)

  4. OK Your DH is going to kill me for this BUT the best silk shop in Thailand

    I am dying to visit but from the research I have done is is divine.

    Also beware a lot of Thai silk is polyester ( if in doubt a burn test will tell you the truth but it is hard to do inside a store :-)