Monday, May 18, 2009

How to dress your vagina for school

Ok I'm not joking.

My friend Jess posted this video on Facebook this morning and I couldn't help but share it with you. It is so terrible!

Here watch this news video.

I have a number of concerns:

1.This is why I like school uniforms.

2. Why is a 16 year old worried about a panty-line in her school photos? Do they take bum shots or what?

3. It may be my eyes but it looks like she is wearing a minidress. Do people really wear those clothes to school in America?

4. In the interview with her mother on the couch she is again wearing a mini skirt. Did she remember her knickers that time? I know it is summer over in The States right now and maybe it is really hot but why does she need to get her thighs out all the time? What is going on there?!

5. If you are worried about a panty line showing through your dress then A.) the fabric is too sheer; B.)the dress it cut too close; C.) Wear a different dress.

6. We don't have "junior year" and "sophomore year" here in Australia so I don't really understand what the girl is saying about "junior year being so important" but I daresay if academic concerns were really on her mind, then the ridge of her knickers wouldn't really rate a mention on photo day would it?

7. Why are the parents suing the school? On what basis? The new legal argument "my daughter is a skank please pay me"... that old chestnut?

8. If you were the mum going on TV would you really wear a tshirt and short shorts like that? I can see where the kid gets her dress sense!

9. The girl is wearing a pair of thongs on her feet. (For my American readers I think you say flip-flops? Those sandal things) I can't believe she is wearing beach footwear in her school photos. I reckon that is just as horrible as her going bare-bum!

10. Another reason to buy my child a burkha and home school her.


  1. LOL! Over here we wear "thongs" EVERYWHERE! Its not just beach footwear, its anytime its warm outside, put them on so that at least we have shoes on, kind of thing. Oh and not to stand up or anything for her, but it is hot hot hot here!!!! (She's where I live).

    Anyways yeah, why on earth didn't she wear underwear to school????

  2. First of all its Florida, its very hot all the time, and very laid back. Having lived there I can tell you they dress that way all the time (like the interview). Secondly, as an American living in the Southern Hemisphere now I think I can safely say that teenagers who make poor clothing choices and flip flops are a worldwide phenomena. Sorry, but that's reality and that's exactly why school uniforms are an excellent idea!

  3. There's too many things wrong with that to even know where to start. What the!?!

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a stunt to launch herself into stardom as a 'glamour' model. There is no mention of the person who approved the photo for the yearbook which is where I would be looking first for answers.

  5. You raise some valid points.

    On the shoe thing though: surely they are not safe to be worn to school. Bloody hell, its illegal to drive in thongs in Victoria (a rule i break all the time I admit) because they cause a safety risk.

    Definitely agree with school uniforms though. Far less skanky, though i have seen school dresses of late (yes, in our winter weather) that resemble a shirt, they were THAT short!

  6. Photos have come out of her smoking drugs with her mum at some kind of party at their house... I don't think either of them are nice ladies to start with! I've seen the unblurred pic and it really does show things *ick*

    Mel x

  7. Uniforms and accountability that's what's called for. Florida, or not, people know what's acceptable and what's not, at least most people do. It is VERY laid back in Florida and that's why they can't even count votes!!!!

  8. Ha ha now lets not forget that Sydney summers are also really hot so I'm no stranger to the thong footwear idea but not for school, that would be like wearing them to work. Boganic! Surely, if your daughter was in the news for flashing her beaver in the year book you would make a special effort to wear something a little less redneck for the TV interview, no?

  9. "if you daughter was in the news for flashing her beaver in the yearbook"
    Oh my goodness Carolyn, once again you have me laughing hysterically.
    About flip flops - I used to work in public school system (American) and saw teachers wearing them to work. I'm all for school uniforms - you would be appalled to see what some kids wear to school. Much worse that beaver girl even :)

  10. I agree that the mother is making way too much of this. Her daughter should just deal with the consequences of her actions and hopefully learn a lesson...wear underwear and longer dresses. It is a ridiculous story, but there are crazy people everywhere. I live in the Tampa Bay area and I wear flip flops all the time. I wore them in high school as well. The issue is obviously not with her footwear. The issue is with her idiot mother who is trying to fight the school instead of taking advantage of a teachable moment for her child.

  11. I guess she's worried about missing exams and not being able to re-take them because in The States our Junior year is what colleges focus on during the admissions process. Carolyn, you are so right on her at least dressing up for the interview! She could at least cross her legs!! And why would her mother have a news crew document all this!? The school was right, they're just exposing her more!

  12. I would have worn thongs to school if I could have, so comfy. But anyway...

    Clearly you should be wearing some type of underwear all the time, unless you are happy with the consequences. That said, everyone makes mistakes, but I don't think you need to sue the school over it. I mean 52% of the population has a vagina, not exactly that exciting to get your knickers in a knot. ;) Must have been a slow news day.

  13. This is ridiculous. The girl should have had the sense to wear something appropriate in the first place. It is her fault. Yet, I can sympathize with not seeing this coming and wishing she could change it. But I'm afraid there probably isn't much to do now- there are consequences for everything and if anything, this girl should learn from this and be smarter in the future about what can happen when you make certain choices. I agree that her mother doesn't seem to be getting it- why doesn't she check what she's letting her daughter wear to school in the first place?

  14. i am too afraid to follow the link you posted but as an american mom i have to say, yes...idiot parents here allow their kids to wear all sorts of slutty outfits all the time anywhere; the shorter the skirts and shorts the better apparently; it is disgusting!
    i have four girls and it is almost impossible to shop for clothes anymore b/c every store sells the same trashy clothing.
    the burkha is enticing.

  15. How stupid! The mom is just as bad and setting a horrible example for her daughter. Unfortunately this isn't new news as the local channels are fighting for viewers so they'll "report" on anything to spice up their ratings and dumb American girls with no self-esteem who flash any bodypart is yawnsville for the masses. It's only part of the problems that have been plaguing the youth here in the States for quite some time...our kids are behind the rest of the world in about everyway possible and always will. ~sigh~

  16. Unfortunately appropriate attire here in the states went out the window long ago. Some of our schools have uniforms, but most do not. I wish they all did. It is really sad the lack of personal care people take these days.

  17. You are so funny. Haven't you ever heard of white trash or red necks before?

  18. Thank goodness in our school district there is a strict dress code! Shorts and skirts can be no shorter than four inches above the knee,and no flip flops at school! All shoes have to have a backstrap or closed heel. They will actually get out a ruler and measure, and make you put on your gym clothes if you are out of dress code. Tank tops have to have two inch wide straps, and you have to be able to lift your arms without your shirt revealing your midsection. I am in California, and our town is considered very stuffy and conservative, but that is why we love it!

  19. That's a disturbing event indeed, but what's more disturbing is that its going all around the world, even newspapers in silly old Belgium

  20. omg! it's so disturbing.
    even in indis we don't have this junior year and sophomore i know exactly what u mean...
    showed the video to my mother!
    she was horrified to say the least!
    we have uniforms, with white socks, n buckled black shoes here...
    even in college we have to maintain a certain decorum!
    this is pathetic! cheap-attention seeking!

  21. Oh lordy, I can't believe stupid people in my neck of the woods are seen all the way down there!