Friday, May 15, 2009

Pork Chop Kids

Image credit pork chop kids

Yesterday on our walk to the shops my little Tinker removed her shoes (undoing both laces and Velcro), her socks, her skirt and her hat and that was only 10 metres away from our house. It was quite chilly and so windy I felt like every person who passed us by was thinking "look at that woman in a coat yet her poor baby is half naked" so I kept saying over and over in a really loud voice so people could hear "oh darling you really MUST put your socks back on at least!" To which she would reply (equally as loud) "No. Not now!" Yep that's my girl.

I was thinking I could really do with some thigh high tights for her. That fake housewife side of my brain started thinking- gee I bet I could even make her a pair. Fortunately for everyone involved I didn't get much further with that sewing disaster when I saw a little ad for Pork Chop Kids and they sell exactly what I'm after.

Of course they are in the States and of course it was only last week that I cancelled my lease of a US PO Box so I can no longer shop with my American postal address. The store owner is really lovely and she replied to my email right away she is going to see if there is a cheaper way of getting them to me. How nice is that? Now if there are American mummies reading this who have the same problems I do with keeping socks on their kids, I can definitely recommend this store for great customer service.

You really should buy a pair of these and what makes them great is they don't need to be removed for nappy changes and they have feet. I really don't like those " baby legs"tights they sell here in Australia that don't have feet. You still need to add socks and really it does ruin the line of the outfit, they are like tight legwarmers and as far as I'm concerned leg warmers belong with stirrup pants- in the 80's!


  1. I keep trying to figure out what stirrup pants are...please explain. lol this is like the fourth blog that you have mentioned them so now the curiosity is starting to form. maybe you can write a blog about stirrup pants? :)

  2. I was thinking that you had found some tights that had built in braces or sleeves or something so that it is impossible to take them off!
    Wouldn't be too easy for nappy changes though. Warm though!

  3. I wish I had known about these when Paige was little. Had I known about them, perhaps her sock aversion would not have developed into a full fledge refusal of wearing socks around the age of 3. Or underwear. Yep, that's what I said. No socks, no undies. Anyone hear the song "Freebird" playing in the distance???

  4. They are the cutest things!! I wish they'd had them when my kids were little!

    Don't feel bad though, my son when he was about 2 or so, used to run out the side door in the spring with only a diaper on and splash in the puddles along with the melting snow (we live in New England). Seems like kids just don't notice the cold like we do!

  5. Carolyn! Honestly! Give me a list, and I'll pick up whatever you need!!! Then you won't have to pay for any postage, silly! xo

  6. ooh, heading to check out that shop right now, carolyn! thanks for sharing the link :)