Sunday, May 31, 2009

What will people think?

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You know those pushy show biz parents that round their kids up and bus them from activity to activity? I vowed never to be one of those. You know those poxy fathers who take up the loser spot in the last 2 minutes of a slow news programme banging on about their 1 year old with the killer golf swing? I vowed never to be one of those...

And now here I find myself at 10.30pm on a Sunday night googling for a sports class for my 1 year old child. Have I become one of those? Gosh I hope not.

See the thing is, my daughter adores playing ball, she throws, catches, kicks and even manages to dribble the ball halfway across the room. No I am not talking saliva either! For someone like me (sports challenged to the extreme) this is incredibly impressive.

Tinker and I were playing with the ball this afternoon and she called out to me "pass!" I looked at her and she pointed at the ball. So I kicked it to her and she said "catch" and bent down and picked up the ball. So in a nutshell my 17 month old baby has better balls skills than I will ever have. I am so hopeless.

I was thinking she would really enjoy some sort of sports class where they all get together and play throwing and catching and so on. All I can find however is toddler tennis and toddler soccer that start at age 3. Nothing for a little wee one of 17 months.

All of a sudden I got this terrible guilty feeling. What is the lack of classes telling me? That I have become Jelena Docic's Dad? That I have become Bindi Irwin's mother? Please tell me it isn't so...

I'm not on the hunt for these classes because I want my precious Tinker to become some sort of sports star I just thought it might be a fun activity that she'd enjoy more than her unco mother kicking the ball to her every night. Plus I thought it might be something she could do with her Papa. See, all roads lead back to me trying sneak an hour off to myself on Saturdays. The audacity!

What are your thoughts, do you think the lack of classes for her age group indicates my becoming a freak sports-showbiz mother? Or is she just super duper advanced for her age? Ha ah I'm pulling your leg with the last one. Of course I don't think I have a prodigy on my hands, I just want to make her happy and if kicking balls around with other toddlers is fun then why not?


  1. So, if you are really looking for an opinion here...I say start your own small recreational opportunity. Invite other tots and see how it goes. I know here in the States most toddlers don't have a "team" sport opps until they are 3. But, I am an extremely over eager parent when it comes to sports and that's why my kids have been playing soccer (at the minimum) since they were 3. Good luck and go for it!

  2. I think that is something she could do at playgroup, no?

  3. You could form your own group... and then see if your husband would be in charge of it so you'd still have that time to yourself... haha. :) I think you must have a gifted daughter and it's all good to encourage any talent or interest she has. You may just have to wait for the class...

  4. Oh that is so adorable.
    My uncle had been in a similar predicament when my cousin was about the same age as Tinker.
    Vikram, my cousin, seemed to have amazing prowess in the swimming pool. At about 9months he could manage to stay afloat without the help of a tube. And this was not in the kiddies pool mind you.
    Staying in Dubai now seemed to have its advantages for my uncle. He enrolled Vikram in these swimming classes down at the Community Centre.
    In about 2-3 months from his date of joining, Vikram became the star kid around there. His coach would ask him to demonstrate a particular stroke for the benefit of the much older children.
    In his coach's words, 'Once in vater, Veekram is fiss!'
    And my uncle, not for one moment did he think that Vikram would be this good.
    Now, in Geneva, Vikram (9 years now) does laps with the 'big kids' in his school.

    I guess what I'm getting at is that don't underestimate Tinker. She may just be the next big thing you know. ;)
    And am sure there would be tonnes of classes for kids of her age-group!

    PS: both my uncle and his wife are aquatic-challenged! :P

  5. I think that if you believe your child will enjoy sports, go for it! But the moment your child quits enjoying it, just don't push them to do one or the other. Let them decide.

  6. Socializing with other toddlers is a good thing! Don't worry, you are a far cry from Pageant Queen moms!

  7. Thanks for all the comments, it's a funny one. I really don't want to look like a nutjob asking if my 17 month old can join the 3 yr old tennis class. No it isn't really what they do at playgroup here. It's more like "free play" here which is nice too and I don't want to swap one for the other. Tinker loves being able to wander around the playgroup grounds choosing what to play with- sand, crafts, little cars, reading books... I'm the minion who trots behind her!

  8. Carolyn maybe she loves it so much because you're doing it with her? I'd invite a group of Tinker's friends and their mums to the local park and ask them all to bring a ball :).

  9. I think Tinker is advanced :)

    As long as she enjoys what she is doing, you aren't one of "those" Moms.

  10. What about a KindiGym? Isn't that something where she can kick a ball around in a structured way?