Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's for Dinner Wednesday? Pasta with Chevre

Ok so I am a very bad bloglady because I lost the email one of my kind readers sent in for today's Wednesday dinner recipe.

So I'm using an old faithful of mine. Because Wednesday is the middle of the week and probably the low point in terms of imagination for me in the kitchen I tend to go for easy meals relying on ingredients that I always have in the pantry/fridge.

Today it is Pasta with Chevre Cheese, Prosciutto & Peas.

We are really lucky where we live because we have a different market every week. Saturday was the farmer's market and we went along after swimming class with the Tinker. I usually buy milk and cheeses from the goat farmer and this week was no exception. So that's why we are having it for dinner tonight- the ingredients are already here. Easy.

You need:

~About 200g of prosciutto or pancetta, chopped.
*If you don't eat pork, this recipe works well if you replace with capsicum aka bell pepper)
This is something I always have because I buy it in the vacuum packs and it keeps for a long time. I suppose you could also use regular ham or bacon but the flavour won't be as good.

~2- 3 cloves of garlic crushed
*This is one ingredient I'll only buy if it is organic Australian garlic because the Spanish/ Chinese imports are so tasteless.

~1 cup of frozen minted peas
*Or you could use fresh peas and fresh mint leaves, but who has time for that?!

~200g / 1 cup of fresh chevre cheese.
*I like the one I buy at the market which is marinated in garlic and olive oil but any fresh chevre cheese will work really.

~1/2 cup chopped onion
You already know I love the pre chopped frozen variety but that is just my laziness!

~1 cup chicken stock
You may only use 3/4 cup, depends. I buy the liquid stock these days and keep it in the pantry. No time for making my own.

Whatever you have in the pantry, we are having fusilli tonight but any small-medium pasta will work. The shells are great with this and on the weekend whe you have more time you might want to make some gnocchi and serve with this sauce. Or you could just eat out on the weekend like me.

~Olive oil

~Lemon if you have it, otherwise don't worry.


~While the water is boiling for the pasta you throw your garlic, onions and proscuitto (or capsicum if you are not having the pork) into a pan and cook in olive oil til soft, not brown.

~Get your pasta into the boiling water.

~Add the peas and cheese to the other pan and add the stock slowly so it simmers. Take it off the stove.

~Drain the pasta when al dente. Add to the pan with the sauce and stir through.

~To serve squeeze some lemon juice over and add some freshly ground pepper and salt. Easy.


  1. yummy. Thanks. I'll see if i can get it right.

  2. sounds deelish! im a follower of your blog. its great.

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  4. That's amazingly simple! Thanks for sharing

  5. Yummm-mmeeeeee!!!!! This sounds too delicious.
    You're a bad influence on me. Am gonna be drooling now during my marketing meeting!
    Hope the boss lady doesn't notice!