Friday, May 29, 2009

Fast Friday Funny- slippers and paper weights

It is Friday, thank goodness. This has been a looong week for me, how about you? Anything exciting planned for the weekend? Nothing on here, and I'm pleased.
Now for my Fast Friday Funny. I'm not entirely sure of the veracity of this one but it is pretty funny anyway.

Here is the original article. An Indian defendant waiting around in court removed a slipper from his foot and threw it at a judge because he felt the court process was dragging on too long. In response the judge threw a paperweight at the defendant.

Okaaay. This tickled me for a number of reasons:

1. How funny that the defendant was wearing slippers in court.

2. I am all too familiar with the painfully slow court process and have at times fantasised about hurling things at the judge. Maybe not slippers maybe my really big fat Halsbury's.

3. The fact that the Bar Association protested in DEFENCE of the judge. What the? If that happened here, I can assure you we would be complaining about the behaviour of the judge. A paperweight thrown at a defendant?

4. Surely this a simple case of "setting the right example" and the judge was totally out of order in my opinion.


  1. Seems like the judge follows the old adage of an eye for an eye. Thanks for the laugh

  2. The thing I find funniest is the paperweight in retaliation for a slipper!

    One could give you a gentle slap, whereas the other could probably kill you. Silly judge

  3. Oh wow, thanks for the laughs!!

  4. Hi,
    I'm a redular reader of your blog..
    Although I have to agree that the judge wa spretty stupid and the entire incident is pretty funny, I just have to point out that in India, the word 'slippers' covers a range of footwear, some of which is trraditional and ultra-formal to that context.