Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fast Friday Funny ~ Laughing all the way FROM the Bank

Ok so this isn't exactly roll on the floor splitting your sides funny, but it really did make me chuckle. Maybe for the wrong reasons, I suppose it does show a rather immoral side of my character...

I read THIS news story. A couple has fled New Zealand after their bank accidentally gave them access to $10M (that is just under $8M Aus). Oops.

Ok so I know it is stealing and all, but I couldn't help but laugh. Especially in this climate where banks are really being portrayed as the bad guys ripping off the little guy, I quite enjoyed having a little laugh at the bank's expense.

It got me wondering, what would I do? Well, I'd definitely tell the bank of their mistake and not touch a cent but that is because I know I'd be caught otherwise, and because I like living here and would hate to spend the rest of my life in hiding. You can't exactly live the high life if you are hidden. Though I guess Skase did in Majorca and what's his name the guy with the bad wig in Greece...

So then I started daydreaming about what I'd do if the bank accidentally gave me $100Million and then things got a little more interesting... You can tell the Tinker had a long afternoon nap today can't you?! I was thinking that for me to do a massive runner and live in hiding like that, it would have to be a truckload of cash. $10M wouldn't cut it. I'd blow that much just sneaking out of the country what with the hair extensions and Nicole Kidman nose prosthesis a la Virginia Woolf.

No, I'd need some serious cash. I'm thinking maybe a minimum of $100M and then what would I do? Where would I go? What would my name be? How could I wrangle an amazing education for the Tinker while we are on the run? Would I have to go all fake Rockerfeller and assume another identity? How would I sneak the friends and family into the suitcase...

My husband can fall asleep any time, he just needs a slight recline and zzzz he is asleep. Me on the other hand, I struggle. I can, however, launch myself into an intricate daydream at any time, anywhere. These are some of the crazy things that I think about. I also have regular daydreams that I turn my mind to from time to time. Like the 'if I could be anyone who would I be?' and the 'if I was a real life princess what would I wear?' (think Letizia from Spain not wanky Mary of Denmark...

So tell me, do you have 'regular daydreams' like me? And what are your thoughts on the couple who skipped all the way from the bank in New Zealand into the dodgy underground life of the incognito wig wearing crim.


  1. i day dream all the time. i have a great imagination and sometimes it gets the better of me. i could daydream about almost anything.

    if iv watched something scary or my boyfriend isnt in bed with me yet my mind tends to wander to the worse side of things i.e. people breaking into the house and cos he's not in bed will see them and lada lada la. hehe. but iv always done, when my mum used to travel to taree from forster [im a country girl. and was a only child with no dad in the picture] i used to stress that she would have a car accident.

    i do day dream nice things too. like the house i want, the dog i want or cat [not that id be allowed a cat], etc.

    i think its funny that the bank has stuffed up so badly. i could never being on the run for the rest of my life. but im assuming the couple feel they made the right choice. who knows if they'll get caught..its the banks fault though was their stuff up. the couple just took advantage.

    woah sorry that's so long.

  2. hahah wanky. thats not a word that we use here in the states.

  3. If that sort of money was accidently deposited into my account I would not touch a cent because it did not belong to me. I wouldn't tell the bank about their mistake but wait for them to discover it. Banks certainly wouldn't tell me if they had taken too much cash out of my account I would have to discover it. Also at the end of the day we are talking in the millions the intrest alone would be a nice bonus.

  4. I was having this conversation yesterday at work saying ten million isn't enough, they all thought I was crazy! It has to last forever!! I have daydreams all the time, do I'm with you there. :)

    Thanks too for the blog award. :)