Friday, May 22, 2009

Positive Thinking...


You already know that, try as I might, I'm never going to be a chipper self-help smiley book reader. I have friends who religiously read The Secret, Is My Clutter Making Me Fat, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Who Moved My Blackberry and other such titles. Usually in a moment of uncharacteristic enthusiasm I will buy said book on a friend's recommendation, I'll wait 5 minutes for it to arrive from Amazon and then I'll be well and truly over it before it gets here.

So, cynical as I am, I read THIS news story with a little smirk. Hypnosis, shnypnosis. As if positive thinking actually works... Well, as always I had a momentary fit of motivation and I ordered THIS book here. No sooner had my credit card details been accepted than I had already mentally placed it on the shelf next to Eat Pray Love.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on self-help books and what have you read?


  1. Ah, The Secret! I was just at the library and wanted to pick this up (I cannot see spending the the money on this book and well, the library is literally RIGHT down the block from me, so I bit the bullet and got a library card two weeks ago)

    I picked up that skanky new Tori Spelling book instead...I am so cultured.

  2. Self help books are good for those that read them with an open mind. If you are cynical it will do absoultley nothing for you. I am a big believer in the universe and it providing me with what I need. I don't read self help books because they only tell you what you already know and the book just help you see it.

  3. I have read The Secret as well as Eat, Pray, Love, and I found both incredibly inspiring. Do I think they magically changed my life, perhaps not, but I have never had a problem with keeping an open mind. I have found that people (perhaps because of the church, the family, etc) do not realize the personal power they have. Books like these help you to realize the power you have already to change your life.

  4. I just love it that you can take any topic and make it so interesting. You write really well. I thouroughly enjoyed your last few posts, especially the "the how to dress your vagina to school" Totally ridiculous. Looks like the ladies are just clamoring for some attention.

    Self-help books? Hmmmm. I did read 7 habits and thought that it was totally cool. But there are very few out there that are talking sense. There are some that take one pathetic idea and beat about it over a 100 pages without actually saying anything at all.

  5. I think i remember reading that article about Marion. One of the presenters on our daytime tv show this morning was also rumoured to have had one. I've only read one self help book(well if you can call it a self help book). The Magic of Thinking Big - David J Schwartz. It's actually taught me a lot and I'd recommend it if you want to improve your confidence in yourself (like i did) and it's also good for other things too.

  6. I have bought many over the years. I've found myself going back to the few old ones I have. When it comes down to it I find what helps me best is just plain "something that makes me smile" is the best. I usually keep Robert Fulghum paperback in my purse for a quick reading if I need it:) "All I Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" or "UH-OH, Some observations From Both Sides Of The Refridgerator Door". They are nice reminders to me in time of need that life is never perfect, so it's ok to "smile" and move with a "no constraint" attitude.

  7. I agree with butterfly, you are very well written and entertaining!

    I think self help books can be very beneficial. Most of the time I find they offer so MUCH help that I am able to say to myself "I don't really know if that is the way I want to do it" but it gets my mind thinking about the different ways I can use all of the information to fit my life.

  8. AAAhhh....The Secret has come to bite me yet again!
    I had started reading this book probably a year back or so, found it pretty boring to tell you the truth. Call me a typical 21 year old, but I just couldn't get past a few pages. Bored me to death, that book did!
    As for self-help books, I've read 'Who moved my cheese' a few Robin Sharma books as well. (The Monk Who sold His Ferrari was quite the rage! But O my god, was it boring!)
    But I drew the line at reading Chicken Soup! That was like information overload! And by information I mean *crap*!
    Truth to tell, I kinda hate these self-help books, because according to me all they manage to do is increase the paranoia and tension in one's life!
    I'd much rather read Johanna Lindsey, Cecelia Ahern, Mills and Boon etc! (Remember, I told you I am 21!) ;)

  9. Honestly, Stop Circling and Make a Decision did wonders from me. People just assume I was ready to leap into the White House at a moment's notice, as if it weren't a two-way decision. Yes, the Obamas had their doubts about me, but I had my doubts about them as well. I mean, First Dog is a huge responsibility. Could I handle the pressure? Could I take care of the girls? Could I live up to Barack's expectations? And would it be all work, or would they give me some time for play as well? Needless to say, everything has gone swimmingly. They're happy with their decision, and I'm happy with mine. Stop Circling and Make a Decision gave me that final push I needed to take the plunge.

    As to other self-help books I've read -- worthless. ~ Bo