Monday, August 17, 2009

Is this your lucky day?

Ok it's redraw time, this is your second chance to win something gorgeous from Honeybunch Designs and Ivy Designs!
My able helper is very busy catching up on her beauty sleep so I have turned to a far less pretty helper. Mr random.

So, here we go the winner of the Honeybunch Designs giveaway is:

#4 so that means Cloth Paper Stitches, you are the winner of our Honeybunch Designs prize.

And the winner of the Ivy Designs giveaway is:

#9 So that means Mrs Clarkson you are the winner!

Shoot me an email to claim your prizes! xx

Ok so I have just looked at these pictures and for some reason (probably something to do with my technostupidity) you can't see the winner generated but I can. You will have to trust me on those numbers! Meh. The Tinker does a far better job than the silly random generator.

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