Thursday, August 20, 2009

Want to have a whale of a time? Get your jugs out!

So I was sitting down enjoying a cup of hot tea this morning. Why do I mention the fact that my tea was hot? Because lately I have been drinking lukewarm tea thanks to the constant interruptions of a certain engaging redhead. Anyway I was enjoying my break while her Grandad took her out on a walk and Viv's latest post featuring a nice jug reminded me of a post I wanted to write.

I have a thing for jugs. Get your filthy minds out of the gutter, you know who you are! I am talking about jugs usually called pitchers by my yank friends. I can't explain what it is about this piece of tableware but I'm a big fan.

One of my favourite wedding gifts was a pewter water jug by South African sculptor Carol Boyes. Here is a similar one:

My friend Glen received an awesome jug for his birthday last week and I thought I'd share it with you. It is a piece by American pottery guru Jonathan Adler.

Now I'm sure all you cool American readers know this fellow already but I'm slow off the mark and I must say I've totally fallen for him. He can be my new gay-husband. He is fabulous I love his work.

I don't know where to find Jonathan's pieces here in Australia but I will keep an eye out and maybe I'll just have to fire up that American post office box again. You know the secret shopping one I leased and successfully hid from my husband for almost a year? Now that was a cunning covert operation let me tell you!

This is the whale jug that Glen's sister bought for him and I have decided that I absolutely need one of my very own.

They also have a gorgeous matching butter dish. Again a piece of tableware I have a freaky fascination for. How can you not love a butter dish? I also love butter knives.

Freak alert. I know. But it could be worse couldn't it? It's not like I'm Angelina that time she revealed her love for knife throwing and bondage is it?

Anyway girls, get your jugs out because they are gorgeous not just for drinks but for holding a bunch of cute flowers picked fresh from your very own garden. Tinker is obsessed with picking the nastertions from our weed infested garden. They actually have a really beautiful scent. The ones we have here are bright orange but otherwise identical to this one pictured below.

Have a very happy Thursday, I will see you all again tomorrow. Please make sure you enter my giveaway today. Tinker will be drawing the winner tomorrow. Who doesn't love a cute baby gift? These little cocoons are ideal as gifts for baby showers and new babies. So sweet, so snug. xx


  1. My husband always has an eye out for jugs.

  2. Cute, Carolyn...I do love a nice jug. The Fink Water Jug is my fave (wish I could afford one!)

  3. The first jug is simply beautiful. I can understand why you love it. Me? I have to tear myself away from the unusual containers for unusual things! :D These days I avoid the floor that houses the furniture, furnishing and home decor. Have a good weekend!

  4. Oooh, I love the whale pretty!

    I guess using it as a centerpiece with flowers in it would mean I would have to clear off the table from all the clutter that we end up setting on it throughout the week....*sigh*

  5. Love the whale jug! Orson & Blake sell Jonathan Adler ceramics. I've had my eye on some of their pieces for a while now. The whale jug is on their website for $210.

  6. I have a thing for serving bowls, mostly pottery but I have way too many for my small place.

    On another note, is that flower pic 3D??

  7. I love those jugs... Did you know nastertions (flowers and leaves) are edible? Easily one of my favourtie plants!