Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's all about teal...

*click on pics to enlarge*

A few people asked how our bedroom makeover was getting on so I thought I'd post some progress shots. Don't get too excited, I'm no Ish & Chi or Twin 2 Trip but I try!

So this is what our bedroom looked like before we bought it. This is NOT our furniture, this picture was used for the marketing of the house prior to us buying it.

When we moved in here the first thing we did was restore the ornate ceiling and repaint the walls. Then we recarpeted and we removed those revolting light fixtures from the wall above that fugly bed and we added our black Venetian glass chandelier to the ceiling in place of the hideous ceiling fan that hung there.

Then we had wardrobes built into the wall where the previous owners had their bedhead and we had a window seat with drawers built into the bay window.

After that we started working on the colour scheme. This is picture of the fireplace in our room and with it's unusual shade of teal I decided that the fireplace was to be our feature item and I used a teal palette to complete the decor with cushions and wallpaper.

In these pictures it looks more blue than teal but in real life it is a very vivid teal colour.

So this is what we have done so far:

So what do we have left?

Under the smaller window the one to the side of the fireplace we are hoping to have a beautiful mirrored glass console. We have found the one we want, just have to get some spare cash. Also those hideous stripey curtains on the window will go as will the awful timber Venetians on our bay window. We hate timber Venetian blinds. They will be replaced with white plantation shutters.

Also we have the lampshade issue that I am meant to be sorting out with my *ahem* clever crafting and we are going to replace the stainless handles on the new wardrobes with black venetian glass to match the chandelier. I have found the ones I want, just have to get out and buy them.

Also we will be having our bed reupholstered in a light grey suede and the window seat will also be upholstered in the same fabric. Our bed is a cream leather at the moment and I'm sick of that I think grey suede will be better.

So that's all we have left, not must really I hope to have it all done by early next year. Will update you as changes happen!

P.s My husband wants me to tell you that we have pillows/cushions in our room. He thinks I have an addiction but I think it looks fine! See:


  1. looks great carolyn. I want your house.

  2. oh my i love it! i love the photo above the bed too! wait. i just love everthing. im a timber girl myself. we have a timber bed that i love - mums fault. i blame her.

  3. Oh, you have one of my favourite wedding photos of yours above the bed!

    It looks great C, and i demand that we see more of your renos, and hear about the garden guru from last week!

    Love your work

  4. Oh I love a reno/makeover. Love to see more pics of the things you are doing.

  5. Forgot to say what an "interesting room" it was before you started...

  6. white plantation shutters are my favs! Cant wait to get them into our new place.
    I would love to see your other renos as you have a great eye, and certainly can look past fugly paint and furnishings!

  7. Loved the bedspread before you made over the room!!!

    Gorgeous work and can you have too many cushions

  8. I love love love it! It has such a lovely clean, fresh crispness about it. I so love your taste.

    I'm with April, I too would love to hear/see more about your renos. I LOVE seeing the changes people make.

    Hahahaha Margie, I was just thinking the exact same thing hehehehehhehe

    PS 18 pillows/cushions is soooo not OTT... My Husband thinks ours is a bit OTT the main bed alone I have 11!!! hehhehe uhmmm maybe it is hehehe

  9. You shoosh missy - you've done a great job! I love your style. I'm so jealous you have a fireplace and a window seat.

    The wallpaper matches perfectly and I'm loving your chandelier and the wedding photo above your bed.

    Nice to see someone else has a cushion addiction too ;)

  10. Looks gorgeous !!!!!!! I love it you have done a great job. I would also love to see more of your reno efforts. : )

  11. It looks great but makes me feel so guilty for not getting off my butt and doing my own renovations :( I'm a little obsessed with cushions and pillows too. If I had my way my room would be nothing but

  12. FINALLY I have found there are 'others' with a passion for cushions !

    Yes, I am one of those who likes to neatly display my many pillows & cushions on the bed, lounges & ottoman .. hanging onto the hope that the next visitor won't come & sit on the nice ones which I have for 'show' !

    Okay, so maybe I go a 'little' overboard with my cushions (I was caught changing them around again today) though I like to say, they compliment the furniture & make it look nice n cosy ..

    Katherine x - search The Savannah Room

  13. Wow! I am jealous of the ceiling, window seat, space and fireplace... And the colors and the cushions... and and...

    Wanna trade?

  14. I am so laughing right now because I did not expect to come here @ see. I'm no twin2trip or Ish & Chi. Thanks for making my day.

    Carolyn...your room looks great. I love the colors & that stunning black chandelier. I actually think that fireplace is pretty cool & am glad you are making the feature item.

  15. Your house is really beautiful.

  16. I would never has guessed it looked like that perviously. It is looking fabulous.