Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot- Gingerbread

One photo to describe an entire day?

Since today is only half done I can only say that this picture tells you enough about my morning. One word. Food. Some people when faced with stress & sadness, find it impossible to eat. They lose oodles of weight. The only oodles going down at my place are oodles of noodles. When stressed I eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. Oh why couldn't I be to the too stressed to eat type?

This morning on my way out to visit Alli at the hospital with Tinker my friendly postie delivered a small box. I was so excited to find a box of homemade gingerbread men inside. My wonderful friend Cazz sent them to cheer me up.

Now lets not even start on the fact that she manages to juggle two kids a demanding part time job and a husband and a home AND bakes and decorates armies of gingerbread men in her spare time.

So tell me, what cheers you up? Are you another unfortunate type like me who can never tire of sweets?

Oh and I'm sorry posts are a little light on the ground this week my plate is huge but perhaps not quite huge enough for all this food! Please keep praying for Alli she needs your thoughts and prayers right now. xx


  1. I am thinking of you and Ally every day. I wish I knew that wizz bang doctor.

    I started weight watchers two weeks ago. One week ago I received some devastating news, since then I have put back on the weight I had lost the week before. I, too, reach for chocolate to make me feel better! xx

  2. thinking of you and your beautiful friend alli. hope she finds someone out there that can help her.

  3. What a great friend : )

    I eat when I am stressed as well entire blocks of chocolate : ) LOL

  4. Honey, I'm a stress-eater as well. Whatever it takes to get you through. Love to you and Tinker and Alli xox

  5. Chocolate works for me, even when I'm not stressed!

  6. Prayers are headed your way.
    When I'm stressed, I eat too. Something really salty or chocolaty.

  7. I am really hating you right now you evil temptress! :) I too eat when stressed and I've had such a stressful week I am too scared to even stand on the scales. Now you've put that pic of the gingerbread on your blog and I am literally drooling onto my laptop. I love gingerbread! They used to have delicious gingerbread at Pizza Hut about 10 years ago. I used to eat it all the time but they don't have it here anymore. Do you know if they still have it in Sydney? Does that gingerbread taste as good as it looks?

    Thinking of Alli always

  8. Family size white Kit Kat. Thinking of you, and Alli xx

  9. How wonderful! :) Things like this really make me smile.

  10. I have been keeping you and Ali in my prayers constantly. Unfortunately I am another stress eater.Still if it makes you feel better - indulge

    Hoping things go well with Dr Teo

  11. I am right there with ya. Gained 20 when I found out my hubby was deploying. Food does make it better. (in the short run!)