Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tinker's Threads - Aqua Eclectic

So today the Tinker went for a cute combination of chocolate brown, pink and aqua with a hint of white. As always she is outrageously hip and amazingly cute. Yes I am allowed to say so because she is not me so I don't think singing the praises of one's child is akin to buying tickets on oneself... least I hope not because all I do is bang on about how she amazes me with her cuteness.

*click to enlarge*

Yesterday my mum heard the Tinker telling herself a knock-knock joke and chuckling. Apparently she was knocking on the lid of a box saying "knock knock" and in a high pitched voice she asked who was there and then in her normal voice replied "cargo" and then in her high pitched voice said "cargo who?" and she replied "car go broom broom" then proceeded to chuckle.

I've never taught her that knock knock joke so I was a bit bemused, until Mum says it is on one of the children's shows the Tinker watched once when Yo Gabba Gabba wasn't on. There you go, kids watching TV isn't all bad. Not only does it mean you can have a wee without an audience, it also means your children learn hilarious knock knock jokes. An oxymoron really. Does anyone find knock knock jokes funny?

Anyway it is Thursday and you know what that means? Tomorrow is Friday and I will be drawing the winner of my giveaway on Friday. Today is your last chance to enter. I will close entries at 9am Friday ok? Tinker will draw the winner in the afternoon. Good luck. Click here to enter.


  1. omg are those schnauzers i see?!?

  2. Nooooo Kitty! Henry & Beatrice are Griffon Bruxellois dogs. See here my friend:

  3. Too cute again I see! I hope Zoe looks just as cute in her Ivy Designs top. We bought that one a few weeks ago. Beautiful!

  4. they're adorable. tinker will love having them to grow up with. my son has bostons!

  5. Very sweet


  6. So sweet. I'm not sure how old she is, but my 14 month old is far too fat to fit in any cute little normal-sized baby clothes, so I'll just enjoy yours.

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