Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot - Wee & Wallpaper

What does your Tuesday say about you?

I know it is hard to capture an entire day in one photo, especially if you are as creatively challenged as I am but I've tried my best as I do every Tuesday with this funny little segment of mine.

So here is my Tuesday snapshot, lets see what it says about me and my unusual day.

It is a roll of Laura Asley wallpaper, Marciana Teal to be precise and a specimen jar. Noice.
What for? Well the wall paper was hung today, on a wall of our bedroom and this is the leftover bit that I have stupidly decided will be used by my craft-challenged self as a lampshade. Shut up, stop sniggering.
Yes it is true that every other crazy craft project of mine has ended badly like the stupid chair that sits naked with 3 legs on my balcony and has been there since I did that post back in April.

This one, my friends is different. This project will work! Ok so I'm full of it and the truth is that I'm 99% sure that the project will progress no further than me sitting here telling you about it but it is worth mentioning at least to further perfect my stepford image to brand new readers who have no idea that I am so hopelessly removed from Martha it isn't funny.

As for the bedroom makeover, if anyone is interested I can post some pictures tomorrow?

The specimen jar is an entirely unrelated matter. The little Tinker has been unwell again, a high grade fever for 4 days with no obvious source of infection. The doctor has ordered blood and urine tests. Try getting a non-potty-trained baby to take wizzle in a jar! I have been chasing my pantsless child around the non-carpeted rooms of our house all day. She thinks it is hilarious.

Anyway, that's my day. How has your Tuesday been? If you had to take a photo of your day, what would be in it?
**edited to add we got the wizzle! Awaiting results**


  1. You just HAVE to post about your room :D

  2. poor tinker. hope you figure out what is wrong and she gets better.

    lovely photo.

    mine would be the laptop - i dont think iv been off it for more than an hour or two today + the hill season one [which is currently playing in the background].


  3. Sending tinker get well soon vibes.

    My photo would be a laptop on top of a cutting mat with a half cut out plush toy which will soon be a toy society drop.

  4. Poor little bloss...she's having a bad run. You know you can get little stick on bags that catch it instead of you having to have the jar at the ready? Might be a wee (ahem) bit easier...

  5. Would love to see your bedroom makeover. I adore the Laura Ashley wallpaper range. I have my own plans for a feature wall in our bedroom using one. Plans that have remained plans for quite a while. I should put the plans out of their misery and actually do it. Inspire me!

  6. Oh shame poor Miss T is feeling unwell again, poor little lamb. Hope you catch her wee in the jar soon.

    Of course we want a decorating update

  7. I love that wall paper. Good luck with the rest of the decorating.
    On Tinker, I was given a little stick on plastic specimen thingy for my kids, you stick it on, put nappy over the top and just wait! Can you ask the surgery for one???? They aren't perfect but alot easier than a jar.

  8. nice wallpaper. Poor Tinker...although I had to giggle at the image of you chasing her around with a speciman bottle. Hope she gets better!

  9. It brings a grin to my face to imagine chasing a toddler around with a specimen jar!.. haha. The things we do for our babies!'
    At least there is a bit of joy and laughter brought on when trying to catch some 'pee pee'. Even if it is to try and solve a not so pleasant situation.
    Hope your girl gets well soon. Seeing our children sick, is so difficult.
    Good Luck!

  10. My day you ask? Nigella's chocolate cake / 90km / carnies / a tick!

    Up at sparrow fart (thats ocka for hideously early) to finish the baking for the RNA / Ekka entry. (you know, like a Royal Show) off to work on Brisbane's Brady Bunch Contiki Tour (5 kids, three schools, both sides of the river) then a call from the school that one of the children has a tick from the school camp last week! Pick him up via the dump and run at the ekka to drop off the cakes. My, did i feel mortal with my unadorned chocolate cake. Anyway, no time to stop and chat with the carnies off for tick removal. Back to work. Now here continually hitting refresh on the results for the cooking division! What a day... thanks for sharing yours :)

  11. Love the wallpaper Caroline and would LOVE to see pictures of your makeover : )

  12. Oh no! I hope the doctors are able to figure out what's wrong with Tinker, quickly!!!

  13. My picture would be me in bed in the dark waiting for my migraine to pass :(
    Hope Tinker gets better soon

  14. I would love to see the bedroom makeover images tomorrow :)

  15. Good luck with that tinker specimen! lol!

    If I had to sum up my day with a picture, it would be a hitchhiker lugging a computer while walking dogs...

  16. hope your little one is better soon
    good luck on the speciman capture!

  17. Oh, poor Tinker...hope she'll get soon better. I couldn't help myself not to laugh thinking about you chasing her all over the house...
    My Tuesday was awfull, as my Monday, hope tomorrow will be a change.

  18. Do you have a potty? I was faced with a similar conundrum.

    I sterilised the potty with boiling water and told baby girl that it was a princess seat. I sat the potty on my lap, the princess on the potty and switched on the tv. Then I waited.

    (I may also have given her half a tim tam, with the promise of the other half once we'd achieved our tinkle-goal. Mother of the Year)

    Then you just tip the wee into the jar and you're off.

    I hope they figure out what's wrong soon.

  19. Poor T. Hope she's all fixed soon.

    Would you believe the interior designer picked Maricana in Cranberry for our bedroom? I might send him back to the drawing board so we don't end up with matching bedrooms!

  20. Wallpaper is gorgeous.

    hope tinker gets better soon....When my oldest had a mystery illness almost 8 years ago now he needed a urine test and wasn't toilet trained they put a little plastic bag with a sticker seal over his wee willie to catch the wee. I'm sure it would work for girls too...good luck!