Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Giveaway - Gingerlilly PJs For YOU!

I am thrilled to be offering my second giveaway of Gingerlilly Sleepwear, only this time the pjs are not for the little one in your life, they are for you! Perfect pick me up for the start of the week, don't you think?

Gingerlilly Sleepwear is a fabulous Australian company founded by the very gorgeous Vanessa Sofia who has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years both here and overseas. She knows what women want when it comes to sleepwear, I love her store. There is something at Gingerlilly for everyone. Babies, kids, men and women. Stylish, high quality pjs are a must for everyone.

Last time so many of you mentioned how much you loved the look of the Claudia set and the very lovely Vanessa from Gingerlilly has kindly offered a set of Claudia Pjs for one lucky Stepford Dreams reader. These are super stylish, super soft and definitely sexy. Perfect pyjamas, no?

Valued at $89.95 this is an awesome prize!

To win, all you need to do is this:

1. Check out Gingerlilly's online store here and tell me what you love about it and

2. Tell me what you love when it comes to sleepwear. Is it the fabric, the cut, colour, style... Tell me your favourite features. Easy as that!

This gorgeous boxed set of Claudia Sleepwear could be yours!

As always the winner will be drawn by the Tinker on Friday morning. Entries close at 5am Sydney time on Friday and you can only enter once. If you are the lucky winner you will have until 5pm Monday to claim your prize or the next lucky duck in the pond gets it! Spread the word, everyone can enter. You don't need to be an official follower of my blog. Everyone is welcome it doesn't matter where you live in the world. Good luck!


  1. The two main things concerning PJ's are:


    B)to be able to answer the door, stay in them all day and look half decent.

    Those look awesome. Some gorgeous nighties on that site too!!

    I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed, c'mon Tinker, please pick Moey!

  2. geeze,
    and here we thought that the MODEL
    was the prize. :-(


  3. OMGSH! A giveaway after my weakness.
    I Love PJ's. There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and getting into a nice comfy pair of PJ's.
    is right up my alley.
    I'm all about comfort. I love tanktops and shorts! Its just so me. the fabric is beautiful and looks so comfy.

  4. Wow what cool stuff! I love the Samantha look. I've got to admit, there's nothing I love more than coming home and immediately changing into jammies/lounge ware. I'm always looking for cool outfits that are soft and comfy yet I can answer the door in and not hang my head in shame :)

  5. it is so easy to navigate. all those PJ's are gorgeous. i love matilda. i kind of go for colour of fabric and fabric.

  6. Oooh lovely!

    The store is gorgeous. Lots of lovely colours... and products.

    I love PJ's to be supersoft. Softer than my sheets. It's a must. x

  7. I'm loving the Monica, Grace, Samantha and Sienna can't choose between them.

    I'm ashamed to admit I'm a flannelette p.j's girl at the moment while it's been a freezing winter here in NZ. tasteful plaid designs though can't stand the loud prints most of them come in. gingerlilly's are gorgeous

  8. Ohh...pj's. I love them so much. I have two whole drawers full of matching Pj's! I want to win this one (come on Tinker, pick me two weeks in a row! :P)

    I love the Gingerlilly range because they are so cute, and comfy. I hate that a variety of gorgeous Pj's have sequins and entirely impratical bits and peices on them. GL just uses the softest, cutest fabrics. Yay.

    I love EVERYTHING when it comes to sleepwear. Fabric is important, i overheat very easily when i sleep and it gives me nightmares- so something that breathes is good.

  9. Love that the site is so easy to view all the gorgeous products. I especially love the baby range. It looks so soft and cute and I can just imagine my little Z in them.

    I go for comfort and look in my PJs. Have to be comfortable to wear in bed obviously, but also look good enough that I wouldn't be too embarrassed to open the front door in them!!!

  10. What gorgeous sleepwear they have on their site! I especially love the Carla and Monica and Grace PJ sets but my definite favourite is the Emma. I love their simple, stylish designs and the beautiful boxes they come in. For me, great sleepwear is all about comfort and beautiful fabrics.

  11. These pjs are gorgeous!
    For me it is all about Comfort, but also not looking like a granny - these jammies certainly tick the box!
    I am loving the Samantha version, very cool and the babies and kids are just delightful.
    Not too far from hitting the 1000 mark in terms of followers Carolyn - go girl yay!

  12. I like that ALL of these lovely PJs don't sacrifice style for comfort. All of these great PJs are grown up and just lovely. They look totally comfortable and very chic. My favs are;Claire, Allison, Emma, Jenny, and Samantha--but all are so great! What a great giveaway!!

  13. I love your blog!

    My favorites are Matilda and Claudia... or z.Kerry if I'm feeling extra sexy.

    I need my pajamas to be super comfortable. And we live in an apartment with a puppy, so I have to feel comfortable and cute taking her outside at night and in the morning.

  14. haven't really been a PJ wearer until recently since the wee man arrived. He's a frequent waker and i need pj's if i'm going to be running through the house in the middle of the night! (also I think that after two children the less time i spend naked the better) I love gingerlilly's jammies. Not frumpy in the slightest. I like the shorts or long pant sets. All gorgeous.

  15. Samantha is my fave, followed by Paula.

    I think the most important thing is that they make you feel slim, smooth, glam and posh.

    I am a reformed big t-shirt and mens boxer short wearer. I havent fallen off the wagon (even while camping) for 3 years now and it feels great.

    I counted up just now and I have 14 bedtime couture and 2 pair including matching slippers packed for hospital/emergency (my grandmothers words have always haunted me, and this has come in handy a couple of unexpected times now!)

    I love matching slippers with my pjs too :)

  16. I love the Carla and Matilda pj's. They both look comfy, plus I like stripes! This is a wonderful, wonderful giveaway! Some comfy pj's would be a HUGE blessing to me right now! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  17. ohh how exciting, ok so i loveee patterns/design/colour of them all, so unique and what i love in sleepwear? the fabric must be nice to touch, and i love to have stretchy pants so i dont feel restricted :) thankss

  18. The store is beautiful and easy to navigate, l love the look of the slip, I love my PJ's to be comfortable and easy to wear, but the also need to be pretty!

  19. I love the Emma style best.

    For me, PJs must-
    1. Be low waisted for bloaty days
    2. Have some support in the top to contain everything
    3. Be super cute

  20. Oooh what a great give away.

    I love the one pictured on your blog & the Skyla but there are quite a few prettys on the site.

    Comfort & cut first. I like to be able to feel like I could hang out in the house as long as I want in them....all day sometimes.

    I love the way the PJ's come packaged as well.

    Have a great week!


  21. Fab PJ's - my favourite would be Matilda. For me it is the comfort factor of PJs. Many stylish and sexy ones to choose from :)

  22. Simplicity. That's the key to me. The gingerlily website is well laid out, clear and easy to navigate in a word - simple. I like pj's that fit well, look good and are most importantly comfortable. I don't want bells and whistles, just something... simple.

    I'm hoping Tinker picks me this week. Pj's are one of my guilty pleasures and if she picks me, then I get a beautiful set for free, so no guilt for me!

  23. I love how Gingerlily's pyjamas, are funky and sexy without being trashy. You could definately answer your door to uninvited guests and not feel too uncomfortable, or slob-ish!

    Comfort is number one for me, and that comes down to the material - preferably cotton. And a drawstring waist on pj pants is essential!!

  24. I love to sleep so comfort is the main concern for me. I love soft things.

    I love gingerlilly's silk line *can i say sexy?*

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  25. I love all of Gingerlily's pajamas really but the Matilda is my favorite. Excellent PJ's!!

    Fabric is one thing I look at in PJ's and style too.

    What a great prize!! All of your prizes have been great though! How exciting!!!

  26. I'm usually a lurker (terrible, I know), but these pajamas are so beautiful! I don't know that I could actually sleep in them, I think they're more like the pajames I would wear on Sunday morning after making a good breakfast. Just for showing off for the husband :).

    I adore the Monica and the Scarlett. They are just gorgeous! I tend to look for fabrics such as silk, and camisole cut tops.

  27. I just love Candy! It is very hot here in Texas in the summer, and wearing a loose "dress-like" jammie is what I really enjoy. So, to me comfort comes first.

    But then a close second...I do like putting on a little something on special nights that catch my husband's eye...something like that same pj...but in silk.

    What a fun giveaway!

  28. Gorgeous PJ's!!!
    For me what I wear to bed is all about good quality fabrics- nothing that will itch or cling.

  29. Comfort is the main thing for me. All the PJs are beautiful! The Claudia are a great pair.

  30. Oh, look I could LIVE in PJ's. I would wear them everwhere if it were socially acceptable! When it gets really hot I switch to nightgowns, but PJs are my true love...

    The Gingerlilly site is beautiful, I really wish you hadn't shown us the link...

  31. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. I would love to be given a present like that! I love PJs - the most important thing is that they are comfortable, and in a soft fabric with a bit of give in them. Make them attractive enough to actually wear around the house, watch tv in etc, and I'm a happy gal!

  32. What a great store! I love PRISCILLA! It is so gorgeous!
    And what I like about pjs is the style and confort.
    Thanks a lot ^^

  33. Oooh, jammies.....

    I am all for comfort! I usually end up wearing sweats and a tee shirt to bed, which I'm sure the hubby LOVES...but I like cute pj pants with a tank top. Especially for those occasional stay-at-home days where its pointless to get dressed! : )

    My faves would have to be CLAIRE and GRACE. I love the colors in CORA, but when I wear nighgowns they always end up around my neck halfway through the night (I'm a restless sleeper, apparently!!)
    Very cute!!

  34. Yippee! I love the Monica pjs. They are gorgeous! Everything on that site just looks so rich and comfortable.

    For me, I like my pjs to be comfy. I'm a mom of a 3 1/2 year old so they must be practical too. That's why I love a great pair of comfy pants and a lovely cami/tank top. Perfect!

    Pick me Tinker :) Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  35. I'm in, I can't help myself, I adore PJs and this ones are in the same time lovely, sexy, comfortable and seem to be softy too. I think I like most GRACE, but it was a hard decision,lol...

  36. I love it I love it!! Emma is my fave though. I absolutely LOVE pj's that are the right mix of sexy and comfy - and aren't made of fabric that makes you sweaty and sticky!! Something you can wear around the house all day is also a bonus :)

  37. I love the matching boxes! PJs should be soft, breathable, and unintentionally sexy!

  38. What a gorgeous site! And great timing too. Yesterday morning, I sat down on my couch for a cuppa and heard this big 'rip' sound. Yes, it was my PJ pants splitting in the butt.
    I usually go for PJ's that have a singlet/top and boxers/pants that I can mix and match. And they have to be the sort that I can answer the door in (you know how every now and then you get a knock early in the morning while in bed, and then you need to do the mad dash to find apprpriate clothing before you can answer)? I love the Monica and Matilda designs. But really they are all so gorgeous, I would be happy wearing any of them.

  39. I like the Matilda design (I think, they are all so pretty).
    In PJs I look for comfortable cuts, hate the long PJs that taper in down the leg, I dont want boot cut pjs! Also like that they look pretty but you could walk around the house when staying with famiy etc. Over Christmas the whole family were in the one house, I had to put a bra and cardi on other wise all was on show for the FIL and 4 BILs!

  40. I love the monica design, looks so comfy.

    For pjs comfort is the number 1 thing for me. And then cuteness comes second :)