Friday, July 10, 2009

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Well, if you ask me that is, I can't guarantee anyone else will deliver just because you asked. Woodles challenged me to find some gorgeous little boy/baby boy clothes that aren't covered in skulls and cross bones. I also hate all the rude slogans on little boy tops and the ugly prints so here are a few cute pieces I'd buy if I had a little boy. No pirates in sight and no camo print either. *I had a bit of trouble with this post because so many of the stores I like for little boy gifts have coded their photos so I can't copy and paste them here for you. It toook some time to find this little bunch but I think Woodles will approve.

This gorgeous little cream jumper (aka sweater for the Americans) is from Krickets, a Canadian childrenswear company (distributed here by old school Aussie company Lyndonkids) I love 100% cotton knits because they are perfect with a shirt and not too warm for our gentle Sydney winters.

The funky zipper gives the jumper a modern look while the stripes are more classic. Forget Bob The Builder polyster, this is one cool top for your little fellow. I love that it has a neat little beanie that matches. This top and hat would work brilliantly with jeans or chinos or the pants featured below.

Also by Krickets, these little corduroy trousers are so sweet. A nice bright navy coloured soft cord, the fabric looks great. I like that they haven't covered them with giant chunky pockets. Come on people, cargo is so 90's give it a rest! These look hard wearing and as with all cord they are sure to wash and wear well.

You can find Krickets at quite a few online retailers but I borrowed these pics from a cute online store called Maddison Lane.

This sweet little raglan top in cream cotton with a white stripe is from Jean Bourget. I love that it has three non matching buttons down the front and the whimsical panda is cute but not too cheesy-girly.

The little cotton trousers have a tweed-plaid look to them, this picture doesn't really show the depth to the pattern.

I think this is a stylish little outfit for a little guy who likes his fashions understated but cute. I borrowed the pic from Shop Baby Trends where it is on sale 40% off, but if you do a search on Jean Bourget you will find it elsewhere.

I mentioned Velvet and Tweed the other day when I was talking about gorgeous trousers for little girls well I don't think you can go past this beautiful green shirt for your little boys.

It has long sleeves (which look gorgeous rolled up don't you think?) and a cute little pocket at the front. Unlike most kidswear these days this stylish little shirt is not made in China. It is made in San Francisco! The fabric is bright and fresh, two shades of green check with a white background. Adorable with jeans or little shorts or my favourite babywear item- overalls!

Be quick, they're having a 40% off sale PLUS the kind people at V&T emailed me and offered my readers free shipping even to Australia. Enter this code at checkout: StepfordFreeShip

This sweet little duffle coat has cute whales printed on the soft cotton jersey lining. I love it! Oobi Baby has some really nice things for little boys and girls. Another Aussie company you mustn't miss, you can find their stuff all over the web and in lots of stores as well.

This image I borrowed from Babys Got Style. Imagine how cute this little jacket would look with some brown cord pants or the jeans I found below.
Rock Your Baby is an Australian kidswear store I don't normally like because they have lots of those loud slogany tops that I hate and those twitty onesies with fake tuexedo fronts.

They do, however, sell a very nice pair of jeans for your little boys! These stovepipe are really cute.

I don't like the whole head to toe trendy punk look so I'd pair them with a nice top and knitted vest if I had a little boy. I think they are fabulous jeans. You can buy them at the RYB online store or at Babys Got Style where I got this image.


  1. Nice. Boys clothes are so boring. Zzzzzz

  2. Very sweet boys clothes.
    The Obbie Duffle coat is to die for as is the cream Krichets set.

    Mr C wears skinny jeans but usually with a nice designer T-shirt and a vest or knitted jacket.

    I detest wide legged pants. It may be because I have skinny boys but they seem to overwhelm the child.

    As usual your picks are very stylish.

  3. Oh boy. These are cute. and yes, i've noticed that there are far too many kids clothes with skulls on them!

  4. Oh. These are so cute. I am considering purchasing some items for my 2 little ones . :)


  5. Well done! I love them all ! Master Woodles has the little duffle coat already, and looks very dapper in it with his little jeans. I have also found a little grey flannel one over at Cotton on baby which is also quite cute. I must admit one of the first purchases that we bough when we first found out we were pregnant (before we knew it would be a boy), was a white collared button down shirt baby gap onesie. I had seen one hanging up in a picture in some preggy magazine and new as soon as I hit the shops in dubai that I would by buying that for our bub! He has a few argyle print jumpers, and Ralph Lauren tumpers and polos too so look like a mini version of dad.
    The woodle boy alo has a baby tuxedo for a few black tie events we have attended....

  6. I am so rude, I didnt even write thankyou!
    Thankyou so much for your help Carolyn, you are an amazing shopper and have a great eye for style, thankyou so much!

  7. I love reading your blog - found it not long ago.

    Ps. Maybe I'm the only one on your blog but I also love skulls and camo :)

  8. I love finding great boys clothes. Little boys clothes are more simpler than girls, but I just love the classic look. Here are some more clothing.