Friday, July 17, 2009

Winner Day- Who won the crow pillow?

Morning! Happy Winner Day aka TGIF.
Thanks again to the lovely guys at Resist Today for donating the stylish Crow Pillow by Eleanor Grosch for this week's gorgeous
The poorly Tinker and I had a long night, she woke up crying an hour after I went to bed and it took me all night to settle her again. She only managed to get an hour's proper sleep so we are both a bit dishevelled and delirious today!
Bless her, she was very excited about picking today's winner, as soon as I started writing the names out and putting them in the jar for her she said "Number? Number?" she really likes picking the numbers out. We did names today not numbers, roll up the pictures are below:

Allison Holmes you are the winner! Please send me a quick email with your address and I will send it through to the guys at Resist Today. Lucky you! I love this pillow so much.

1 comment:

  1. Hooray it's me! Can't wait to put it in my bedroom :)
    I love it love it love it <3