Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tinker's Trouser Tips

All Mouth and No Trousers...

Such a funny little phrase, I must use it more. Sounds like a saying that would apply to me I think. Slightly wittier than my woodpecker analogy.

I'm a big fan of wearing trousers, my late Grandad is rolling in his grave I am sure. He was more a Deuteronomy man than a Katharine Hepburn fan!

While I am a big fan of classic smocked dresses for little girls I also love trousers on my Tinker and with her being tall but skinny I have done a lot of trying and buying to find the right trousers.
I thought I might do a little Tinker trouser post for you, with some of my very favourite tiny trousers for stylish tots on the market right now:

These little beauties are by Marie Chantal, Beige Classic Twill Skinny Tessa trousers.

They are so stylish and so cute, perfect wardrobe essential for your little fashionista. Understated but beautifully made these trousers can be dressed up with a pretty blouse or dressed down with a cute tshirt.

You won't find colours that rape your eyes or obnoxious patterns at Marie Chantal, this is the home of classic, elegant childrenswear.

Subtle finishes like the button down pockets at the back make this pair of beautifully made trousers a wardrobe staple for the discerning toddler... or her mama.You can find out more on one of my most-hit baby style sites here!

From one of my all time favourite designers for chic little girls, Ses Petites Mains comes this adorable little pair of trousers Lydia in maxim denim.

So nautical, so stylish and perfect for my Tinker because they have an adjustable waist. Never one to wear a boat shoe, but I am a big believer in nautical. Not over the top "yo ho yo hee hee" but a stripe here and a military button there makes for a classic look that I adore.

I wish they made my size in these trousers because I'd buy the whole store. The buttons are so cute, I am in love! They are so pretty with their relaxed wide leg perfect with a tiny pair of twinkling ballet flats peeping out the front, no?

Friends in high places. It's lucky I have such talented friends, or I'd be lost. My dear friend Wynona has created these adorable cord trousers for her label Ivy Designs. Audrey made from pinwale corduroy is the ultimate in autumn pants!

If you are anything like me you will love the feel, look and warmth of corduroy and pinwale is the cheese! The wales are thin and lightweight so you don't look like a chunky Christmas ornament.

I am a massive fan. The rickrack detailing makes the Audrey perfect for the little one who likes a retro touch to her trousers... or the mummy who chooses for her!

Last but not least is this dose of extreme cuteness.

Velvet and Tweed's Sailorette trousers are to die for. The nautical detailing, the funky wide leg, the beautiful blue fabric...

What more could you want? These are the cutest little spring pants.

Imagine them with a sweet little white top and white sandals or even now in winter you could add a chunky navy knit jacket. Just gorgeous.

This is preppy, heirloom chic at it's best. I adore this store as well. *sigh* I love them all!


  1. Wow! Kids wear funky stuff these days don't they. ...my little little sister won't wear anything other than trousers.

  2. Yours is probably the only blog on the web where you could post about children's dress pants and I would return, every day, as a dedicated reader, to read your posts.

  3. Aw, great clothes! Can't wait for my daughter to get bigger so I can dress her up!

  4. Girls clothes are so beautiful, but alas I have a little boy (only alas re clothing, I can't imagine life with out my little treasure!) . I challenge you to find me beautiful boys clothes that do not look like pyjamas, do not have skull and cross bones on them, and dont look like a mini version of the woodledads clothing!

  5. I need a pair of trousers with a reinforced bottom since Miss A is still bumscooting and putting holes in all of them. My favourite of those are the sailorette trousers -Raya would look gorgeous in them

  6. Wow I LOVE these! They are so Chic for our little Audrey Hepburn's. Very Cute!

  7. I am a big fan of the wide legged navy pants. Thanks for mentioning us Carolyn. x