Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good News and Bad News

I was lamenting the lack of good news stories this morning after reading this article about the female journalist in The Sudan who is to be subjected to 40 lashes (and a monetary fine) for wearing trousers. Seriously.

No we are not talking about *gasp* fugly velour tracksuit pants with JUICY written on the bum or even those hideous harem pants everyone in Manhattan is sporting right now. No. We are talking about this pair of "moss green slacks worn under a flowing top and headscarf" pictured to the right.

Ok so they aren't trousers Rachel Zoe would choose, they are pretty daggy but COME ON PEOPLE what kind of Godloving person whips another for their choice of pants? You all know that I am all for cultural sensitivity, hell I'm all for women wearing the bloody burkha if they choose, but really who is going to stand up to these ignorant bullies?

What kind of God gives a toss about fashion? Doesn't he have better things to think about? Is he that petty, seriously? I just don't get this at all. It really depresses me that anyone would think lashing someone for wearing trousers is something God would high-five.

So I sat here for a few minutes thinking about it and wishing we had more good news in our papers and then I found this article and I smiled and maybe just maybe I got a little teary.

Muffy here went missing 9 years ago when her owner Chloe was only 8 years old. The little girl adored her dog and she has slept on her bed right until she vanished. The girl, now 17 still talked about Muffy and was elated when she was told a few days ago that Muffy had finally been located some 2000km away after all this time.

Anyone who has lost a pet will relate to this story, even I had to blink back a few tears reading it.
Don't you love good news stories? Such a shame that we are so often told that good news doesn't sell. I love good news. I wish we got more of it. Don't you?

photos borrowed from the articles linked above.


  1. Want a good news story? I think a conversation about Alzheimer's disease would do this country a world of good.

  2. The dog story made me cry! I'm such a sook when it comes to my dog ..

  3. I agree...more good news. I noticed Brian Williams on CBS news now tries to end each newscast with a positive, upbeat story. Kudos to him!

  4. I had read about Lubna's story too. It's absolutely barbaric!
    Muffy's story was super sweet :) :)

  5. I am in a constant inner battle within myself about the news......I would like to be informed, but everything out there seems too depressing, horrible, and sad. Its a lose-lose situation most days!!

  6. that is INSANE! truly.
    i have not been keeping up with the news either b/c i am sooooo tired of hearing the insanity that is going on everywhere.
    thanks for the sweet report, c.
    nice to hear of somebody's happiness and good fortune :)
    i'm going to snuggle my dog now....

  7. I love good news, interesting news,there are so many lovely and positive events or just life stories all over the world, but almost all the time, TV news and newspapers feeds us only with crimes, roberies, disasters, etc..
    Well, God doesnt care about fashion at all if you think he creates Eve and Adam without clothes...