Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot - Brushes

See, I told you I lead a very exciting life. Every time I use my makeup brushes (after yesterday's post you might have been thinking I walk around makeup-less all the time, well I don't) I sit them in some hot water and baby shampoo.

The Tinker calls it a "face brush bathie" and that is what she said this morning when I was wandering about the kitchen with her looking for something to feature for this week's Tuesday Snapshot. So here it is. I never promised these pictures would be thrilling.

We don't have much on today at all, thankfully my parents are about to play with the little one because I'm still hobbling around after Friday's injury. How one manages to trip and fall while fiddling with a baby carseat buckle I do not know, but however I did it, I managed to sustain what the doctor at the Bone & Joint Clinic said was an "annular tear" in my lower spine. It is a disc issue apparently. It is most inconvenient, means I can't sit down for long periods and I can't lift anything except maybe a block of chocolate... or two!

Thank you all for the kind thoughts about the little Tinker as well, we saw a wonderful paediatrician on Friday (yes it was outside his office that I had my rather embarrassing fall) and the little one has now been given the all-clear. What a relief.

Have a lovely Tuesday, just think, you are one day closer to the weekend than you were yesterday and that's gotta be good!

P.s I've been thinking up some new ideas for a fun segment on the blog and I hope to post it up later today or perhaps tomorrow. Stay tuned. x


  1. Sorry about your injury...keep feeding it chocolate; that's the best medicine! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Glad to hear the back injury is not preventing Chocolate consumption and that Miss T has been given the all clear - we were praying for her


  3. simple picture, but I love it!

  4. I love the picture as well. I never thought of washing my make-up brushes that way. How often? Once a week? That's what the Lancome guy told me. And how do you dry them? Just lay flat? Hmmm.

  5. Nice pic. How long do the brushes take to dry? Can you use them the next day without being spongy?

  6. Oh, and what brand of makeup do you use? Are you willing to share?

  7. Okey dokey, I wash the brushes about once a week and I just rinse them under warm water first. Then rub a bit of baby shampoo on and brush the palm of my hand back and forth then sit them for a few hours in hot water.

    Then I rinse them til the water runs clear and stand them up in a cup without water, tips facing the sky and they dry on my windo ledge in a few hours. Easy!

    I had to go and check my makeup basket Margie, the answer is: My primer is MAC Prep & Prime and the foundation I'm using at the moment is ultra light it is Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup in 61 IVORY (N) and on my cheeks I am using MAC BlushCreme in LADYBLUSH. One brush I use for the foundation and the other for the blush creme.

    The black brush is a MAC foundation brush and the silver one is a Cargo foundation brush but I use it for the blush.

    Hope that helps!

    Meanwhile as I type this I am still in my PJs without a trace of makeup unless you count the nutella.