Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot- Little Smelly Brown Thing

What was I up to at 8am today? Carefully handling this smelly little brown ball.

Human poo? No. Dog poo? No. Possum poo? Nope.

This stinky brown treasure breathes and you can eat it... What is it you ask? It is a very pungent souvenir my parents brought back from their recent Tasmania trip.

I have to take my little smelly buddy out of the container to breathe for ten minutes each day and then it goes back in the box in the fridge. Not sure what I'll be making with it.

Since I'm on my cooking strike it will have to be a really fabulous recipe if it is going to be a strike-breaker isn't it?

Any ideas, suggestions?

P.s It's a truffle


  1. could you make something for me? I've never tried truffles!

    I remember seeing Jamie Oliver grate some over a home made pizza. I love the contrast of luxurious food, and easiness that that implies...

    I would definitely keep it simple to let the truffle flavours come through...

  2. Curtis Stone's cookbood "cooking with curtis" has a nice egg recipe with truffles. They are so expensive I haven't ever tried it but everything in the book so far has been a winner.

  3. LOL! I was wondering! That is hysterical because I deal with smelly little brown things every morning on the walk with the dogs. Well, Fat Jenny has smelly big things, but that's besides the point. I was worried!

    Good luck with your recipe!

  4. Ok, I don't care how good it is...It still looks like poop!

  5. uh-uh . . . we ain't gonna eat truffles from the looks of it. p-yoo! :-(

    hey, rotsa ruck! :-)


  6. I'm with bARE-eYED sUN on this one!

  7. Fabulous. Absolutely marvellous. I love truffles, and they're even more splendid because they look like crap (literally) and taste magical.

    Scrambled eggs with shaved truffle. The most simple and spectacular combination. And being scrambled eggs, you're crossing the picket line with minimal chance of failure. Do you have a truffle shaver?

  8. Don't they get specially trained pigs to find those pugent brown nuggets. Never eaten truffles but I have heard it is wonderful to eat.

  9. I started watching Gossip Girl the other day, they had grilled cheese and truffle oil sandwiches. Or jaffles as I think they are known in Australia!

  10. The moment I saw the picture, I knew it was a truffle. I am not sure how it tastes, But I know it is expensive and is rather rare. Grows only in very few places. And the train dogs to sniff it out! Saw it on a documentary on National geographic.
    It is considered a delicacy of sorts. I hope u do figure out what to make with it. :D

  11. Yep my husband and I are both mad truffle fans but I have never cooked with them myself, preferring to dine out on this yummy ingredient though I do use a lot of truffle oil. Hopefully I'll find something perfect tomorrow and I'll post the recipe up here.

  12. For the life of my, cannot imagine how this smells and would taste. Any ideas on how to send smell and taste via the internet!!! I was almost going bonkers trying to figure out what it was and almost missed the P.S line!