Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot- Stitches & Chocolate

So this is my Tuesday. An absolutely massive box of exquisite Laurent Meric's Cacao chocolates and a stunning summer dress for the Tinker made by... yours truly!

Sometimes I need to stop and pinch myself when I think about how lucky I am to have such lovely friends. For the past four days my good friend and sewing guru Theoreticgal has been my house guest. She came to Sydney laden with gifts for the Tinker and all manner of awesome sewing gadgets for me as well as a pattern and some fabric to make the little dress above.

She did a lot of hand holding to get me to make the dress and it turned out brilliantly. I will do another post showing you more detail and telling you how we put it all together. Theoreticgal is quite the house guest. Not only did she have to endure my crazy Griffon Bruxellois dogs as room mates but she had to eat my food.

Last night courtesy of a gorgeous mutual friend with connections to Australia's number 1 restaurant, I made dinner with a kilo of the most amazing ocean trout. I thought I'd whip up a yummy fish pie with Monday being my meat free day as per our new diet. Anyway I made a complete mess of the meal and it ended up being a plate of gruel.

For my most generous and most gourmet friend I served up a plate of gruel. It was a disaster, a funny one in retrospect but a disaster none the less. What went wrong? I have no idea. It tasted fine but the consistency was a nightmare. Lately all of my cooking pursuits have ended in tears. I think it is a sign. So from today forward I am on a cooking strike bar the food I make for my Tinker. Luckily I have my box of amazing award winning chocolates to sustain me for a few days until I hire a full time chef or perhaps invest in a truckload of 2 minute noodles.


  1. Lol. I really wish i could sew- i'm seriously thinking about learning it and i wish i had a friend to do some serious handholding for me too lol. Lovely dress by the way. And way to go on the chocolates.

  2. Tinkers dress is fabulous! You are a very crafty mommy! :)

  3. Chocolate makes any disaster better!

  4. LOL. I wish I could sew. I thought I would learn at one point and so I have a machine. I really should get my tush in gear. I should do the same and really conquer all those pots and pans I own too...Good Luck!

  5. Chocolate makes everything better. I could do with a block right about now...

  6. What a gorgeous little dress! I made some gorgeous little dresses for my cousin's daughter when she was small, I really should do some for my other cousin's young ones too.

    Don't worry about cooking, just continue to subsist on edamame. It's good enough for Posh, right?

  7. It is a really cute dress. I can't wait to see Tinker in it.

    Hope the chocolates travelled ok.
    Wonder which one(s) will be your favourites.