Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let's Talk Bad Weekends

Last week was a nightmare, we were all looking forward to the weekend. It got off to a rocky start when my best friend was told that she didn't win the competition I told you all about here. The consolation prize was haircare products. Nice touch when you are fighting cancer and you have lost all your hair. Don't start me.

Sunday was meant to be spent on a morning picnic before I toddled off to one of Retromummy's sewing classes. Instead it was spent with my heart in my mouth as our baby girl was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after going grey, then blue and losing consciousness for about 7 minutes even though it felt like 70. At the hospital all manner of tests were conducted and they found no apparent cause. We have to take her back for an EEG.

This blurry photo taken on my husband's crackberry shows our brave little Tinker listening as the kind nurse sang all of her favourite songs. She was so lovely and quite the jukebox.

Tinker was impressed, she is never that still when I sing. It isn't humanly possible to be still when I sing, I'm so bad that even my dogs get agitated when I belt out a few rounds of Miss Polly.

Who is that hottie on the left cutting a striking pose in the navy and white trench complete with hands on hips? Why that is me of course. What you can't see is that under my trench I wore animal print flannelette pj pants, bed socks and tan loafers. My hair was clipped back with one of Tinker's polka dot ribbon clips and I had no bra, nor had I brushed my teeth.

Oh yes I totally rocked hobo sloth chic this morning. Even I didn't dare ask the ambulance to wait a minute while I changed out of my PJs. What kind of shamefully vain mother even stops and considers such a request? Ok so maybe I did think about it but only for a super quick split second... or two.

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you'd know I have been on a cooking strike much to my husband's dismay. It came about after a string of failed projects. I thought I might break the strike with some corned beef in the slow cooker. Ok that worked. And a batch of cupcakes. The neverfail variety. You know Nigella's recipe for the food processor? I added 3 punnets of strawberries and some pricey but yummy vanilla beans.

Failed again. The first 12 didn't rise and remained gooey, the last 12 were like rock cakes. So I think I'm going back over the picket line. The strike has resumed people, the strike has resumed.

So tell me, how bad was your weekend? I'm not up for cheesy smiley stories. Give me some ratty grumpy ones so I'm not the only whinger here. Come on, you know you want to...


  1. Oh Carolyn what a horrible weekend. I have had the ambulance rush when Bella was 2 weeks old and stoped breathing. It was the most scariest thing and I don't wish that for anyone. I can only imagine how you were feeling.
    Lots of get well wishes from us and I hope Miss T feels better fast!!
    I hope you have a better week xxx

  2. Poor Tinker and her Mom and Dad! Who could ever top that as a bad weekend??? Hope she's all better!

  3. Oh wow. Really, you are in my thoughts.
    Again, support and a glass of wine and some biltong in your honor.

  4. How terrifying! I've had similar frights and I know how horrible you must have felt. Hopefully they discover the cause and fix it! And soon!

    I had a crappy weekend, so far, so feel free to click on over and enjoy my misery with me!

  5. Poor Tinker! And poor you! You must have been (and must still be) going out of your mind with emotions!

    I hope that the doctors figure out what caused it and make it stop!

  6. Oh my goodness--I am so sorry you had such a terrible time. I hope Tinker gets feeling better soon. Please let us know how she's doing!

  7. All prayers and well wishes for Tinker!

    My weekend was supposed to be full of parade and carnival and art show (I was the director of the adult division). A weekend full of hometown Americana, complete with cotton candy and backyard barbecues.

    My son kindly shared the flu with me and I spent the weekend suffering at home, instead.

    It doesn't hold a candle to your stressed out weekend, but you asked. I hope all is well!

  8. you poor poor thing. I cannot imagine how scary it would be. my little brother used to have convulsions and end up in hospital and it is truly scary but to happen to your own baby must be terrifying....hoping its all good and just due to a fever or something not serious!

    we missed you but see you soon

  9. Jesus, what a weekend you had. I do hope they work out what happened. The not knowing would be awful.

    I am a fabulous whinger, so here goes. Yesterday was pure hell on earth as we all caught the ferry to Circular Quay to go to the coffee festival at The Rocks ... along with 350,000 other Sydney-siders. We'd missed the first ferry, so wiated for about an hour for the next one. Then got to the Festival and realised that if you ant coffee, you have to join a veeeeery looooong queue. Who wants to spend their Sunday waiting 40 mins in line for a coffee with 3 kids in tow? Don't even ask. It's also pretty hard to get a 2 year old to want to wee in a portaloo with no loo paper and used tampons lying about. Nice!

    We missed the ferry back, then caught the train home. The kids were horrific on the train, screaming like banshees. The climax was when my 4 year old niece thought it a great idea to eat a piece of chewing gum someone had stuck in the corner of her seat. I kid you not. I haven't laughed that hard for in while / felt that sick in a while.

    Hopefully this makes you feel better. xx NJ

  10. Ditto the above comment as I accompanied NJ (we're sisters) on the ill fated trip to the coffee festival and it was my 2 year old who endured the port a loo drama and my 4 year old who chewed used chewing gum.

    After yesterday I need therapy!

  11. Oh I am so sorry you had to go through that with your gorgeous little one. That is the worst feeling in the world I think when something goes wrong with your baby. I hope that everything works out ok.
    I believe I may have fulfilled my fair share of whinging already over at my blog so I dare not bore you with it here too. But whinge away all you like dear, it's your space after all!
    I hope things get better xx

  12. There is nothing like a baby getting sick to make your heart stop. I know this feeling and my heart goes out to you, it's a real frightening experience, even if everything turns out to be a false alarm. Just remember to be strong for them, I spent a year in and out and there isn't anything more potent for our little ones but to get better with mums love. Hope she is better.

  13. Oh no. I hope little Miss T is better. What happened Carolyn? How bloody frightening.

  14. Oh dear. That's frightening. *BIG HUG* Hope Tinker is okay and your nerves (and husband's too) aren't too frayed today.

  15. How terrifying. I hope your little girl is doing much better. This is my worst nightmare. I hope you are coping okay and they find out what caused it asap!

    I'm thinking of you xx

  16. What an awful weekend for you!
    Hope Tinker is ok.

  17. Oh goodness! I hope Tinker is okay! I too have experienced the dreaded ambulance trip, and immediately felt guilty for seriously considering putting a bra on before the paramedics got there! I never did and to my dismay, of course I knew the police officer that arrived and he still teases me about how I look in the morning!

  18. Wow what a nasty weekend you had. Hope the test you have to take Tinker back for is ok.
    So I notice you are on a cooking strike, you have any good toddler recipes or ideas? I need some insperation here.

  19. Thank you all for your kind wishes about my little Tinker. She is quite the trooper and did really well at the EEG test yesterday. We will not know the results for a few days yet.

    As for the bad weekend stories, keep them coming they are good for a laugh. Nothing like another's misfortune to make you giggle.

    NJ and Aneets, you two are hilarious. I read the first line and knew it was going to be bad. In fact there was only one word that spelled trouble "festival". Festrivals mean crowds, crowds mean pushing and shoving and queuing up and mess and chaos. Never ever go to a festival especially with little ones, it was always end badly.

    Kate your flu sounds awful but be thankful you weren't battling the crowds for that cotton candy you were so fancying. Your day could have ended up like Nj's.

    Rambling Mommy that is funny, I guess I'm lucky I don't think I'll be seeing those ambulance officers again. At least I hope not!

    Margie I have lots of ideas for you, how about I write up a post. I will try and get around to it tonight when the little one is asleep. x

  20. Carolyn I just saw this now. How horrendous. We are praying that the results of Miss T's EEG are all fine.