Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fast Friday Funny- Puked in my Mouth

Now everyone had seen the Jizz in my Pants video right?

Well this is the girl version, I Puked In My Mouth.

Ok so it is high school humour and I'm oh 10 years out of high school and I have a child and I'm married and I should have better things to do with my time. But I don't. So sue me. I found this quite funny!

It's been a while since the sight of a dorky guy in a nightclub trying out a pick up line has actually made me laugh let alone puke in my mouth but I can still remember some of the most memorable jerks.

Like the time a guy stood on my toe (on purpose) and when I said "ouch, excuse me you are standing on my foot" he replied " I know, I meant to. I got your attention though didn't I? Can I buy you a drink?" Umm no thanks, loser.

Or the time a guy looked me straight in the face and said "my friend over there, he thinks you are really hot, I told him your friend is cuter but I reckon I've got more chance with you, you look more approachable. What do you reckon?"

Uh-huh. Yep. Thanks but no thanks, loser.

Can you recall any failed "pick up lines" losers have tried on you? Gosh I can't believe how old I feel just recalling my "youth", I'm not even 30 yet.


  1. So funny!!! I love JTs songs (jizz in my pants and dick in a box) so this is perfect! Totally made me laugh, and I'm even older than you!

  2. yes there are alot of losers out there. I have had "Your father must be theif he stole the stars and put them in your eyes" Blah! Although I was quite nasty in my youth when a guy asked to sit down I bit back with "Do I have a choice" when a guy asked if I come he often I laughed and said " No I only came here on a dare this where losers hang out". Of course I got "Will you come home with me" I had two standard answers 1."When hell freezes over" and 2. "You have three chances buckleys, none and sweet FA.

  3. I once had a taxi driver say "you know I am also a palm reader. show me your can see that tonight you will take me into your bedroom!".

    I ran away as fast as I could!

  4. I'm older than all of you and I laughed too!

    I once had a "Brother" tell me he thought black would look good on me. I secretly thought it was pretty creative, even though I acted insulted. lol

  5. No dearth of dorks in the world. There was this nut who used to write poetry for me. Sadly for him I am not much into poetry. I thought it was really lame too.

    Oh gosh, I am really trying hard to think. But it seems so long ago. I think I am hitting old age and it is a sad realization early in the morning! :(

  6. Lol! You're on you own there. I don't think i've had any really memorable pick up lines. If i get one i'll def let you know.

    Lol again

  7. OMG the yoga one is SO nasty. I moved my place in youga class because of a nasty dude. There was just no focus he was so icky! So kill me its not nice! That video is SO funny. Thanks!