Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Baby Bonnets

I have mentioned before how much I love dressing my sweet Tinker in pretty little outfits. I love the 'old fashioned' things like smocked dresses and hand knitted cardigans. Another thing I love is the humble baby bonnet.

With my little lamb inheriting my milk white complexion, we need to keep her precious red head out of the sun so she always wears a hat when we leave the house. I love love love bonnets I think they are the sweetest little hats.

Here are some pictures of the Tinker and I in Perth last December. The first time she played in sand, she wasn't so sure about it but she certainly rocked her beautiful bonnet!

So I was very excited to get an Etsy email this morning featuring this gorgeous bonnet:

You can buy this pretty little number HERE at Ub2 A Modern Baby Bonnet, A postmodern twist on an heirloom classic. What a cute store, right up my alley. They say "ub2 Bonnets give a bit of postmodern flair to a classic design! With adjustable straps & truly substantial protection from the elements, they'll protect your little ones from the sun, stay put on their heads & add a bit of funky fashion flair to their wardrobes! For BOYS and GIRLS!"

I love how they make their bonny little bonnets for little boys as well. The fabrics are beautiful and they feature a really wide deep brim unlike some token bonnets you can find. Perfect!

Must. Get.One... Or two!


  1. So my little man hates hats (although will wear a colander on his head like its the hottest thing in fashion!), but when I was a little girl I had a bonnet in a similarly bold print like these, and I looooved it. I miss it- although let's face it, a grown woman in a cutesy bonnet isn't the best idea.

    Too. Cute.

  2. OMG these are super duper lovely & sweet!!!

  3. I must say... that is one of the cutest little things I have ever seen!

  4. OMG Those are AMAZING! I NEED one of those for my Madaline....ONLY I am too cheap to spend $32.00 + ship on a sunhat. **sigh**

  5. Do you know they sold out of that particular item yesterday? Betcha didn't know you had that much clout, like the Oprah book club only for baby bonnets. Love them all by the way. My goodness, wish they had more options for little boys. One more reason to hope for a girl next time round :)