Friday, July 24, 2009

It's winner time!

What a week this has been. Next week will most definitely be a good one. I can't possibly have two nutty weeks in a row. I am very glad it is Friday and can't wait for the weekend because my husband will be home and my parents get back from their trip on Sunday as well.

It wasn't all unpleasant, the very exciting part of this week was our brilliant giveaway from Brown Button Trading. Many thanks to Kimberlee for sharing her gorgeous wares with us and for the very fabulous chalkboard chook.

The little tinker was very helpful this morning, she picked a winner right away. Normally she grabs a handful of names and we have to start over but today she was super efficient. Drum roll please...

Paige it's you! Please shoot me an email with your address details and I will pass them along to the lovely Kimberlee.

Make sure you tune in again on MOnday, I will be back better than ever with another great giveaway and hopefully not so sleep deprived. Have a great weekend. x


  1. oh happy happy day!!!!!
    seriously, this makes my totally crazy ridiculously busy day just wonderful!!
    thank you thank you