Friday, July 10, 2009

A Winner! A Winner!

Thank you so much to the lovely folk at fermLIVING Australia for this week's cute giveaway.
Sorry I was slow to draw the winner today. Miss Tinker went on an excursion with her Grandad this morning so I had to wait til she had had her afternoon sleep before drawing the winner!
Not being much of a creative thinker I struggled to come up with a novel way for the Tinker to pick today's winner. So I turned to the clever folk at 3M and I wrote all the names on Post-It Notes and stuck them on the wall above her toys and she picked the winning name.

Tinker might not forgive me for posting pictures of her with bedhair (she had only just woken up when I enlisted her help with this prize draw) isn't she cute in her jammies and overalls. Meg you might recognise the navy blue Pork Chops on her feet!

So our lucky winner is Jessica, Max's Mummy. How exciting! I bet Max will love his mushroom wall decals. You must shoot me through a photo if you get a chance. That goes for all the giveaway winners, I think it would be fun to post pictures of you enjoying your little prizes.

Hint hint lucky winners shoot me some pics if you get time!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, nothing in particular going on here. The last swimming class of the term tomorrow and then Tinker starts her Mandarin school on the 1st of August. We decided to skip the coldest term of swimming since she struggles so much with the cold. Even in her baby wetsuit. Shame! She doesn't have the layer of fat insulation her mother has.



  1. YAY ! Thanks Miss T for choosing me xx

  2. She is incredibly cute with her red bedhair!

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  4. stumbled upon your ever so lovely blog & just wanted to say hi.
    your Miss T and the post it note selection process is ingenius!

  5. Tinker looks adorable with bedhair! :)