Monday, July 27, 2009

That cooking mojo

So those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that a few weeks ago I lost my cooking mojo after a few failed dishes. Well I think I found it again. Either that or the strong painkillers I'm on have sent me loopy and I dreamt up these dishes...

The little Tinker has taken more of an interest in cooking lately so I let her stand on a chair and help me make a batch of fairy cakes.

I thought fairy cakes would be more fun than regular iced cupcakes because they are just a touch more fiddly and I think for toddlers that makes it a little more fun, plus the Tinker really likes anything with wings at the moment so when I explained that the bits on the top were wings she was fascinated.

Ok so you start with your basic cupcake recipe. I always use the Nigella food processor recipe and I use lots of vanilla bean scrapings. Ditch the icing and all you need instead is some cream and some jam or lemon curd and a teaspoon of icing sugar.

Tinker loved these little cakes and they were so easy and fun to make. Only problem with making them in the afternoon is that I had so many hours til my husband came home, it was hard not to eat them all. I managed to save him one so he should feel honoured really.


  1. how creative are you!? looks awesome and yummy!

  2. I have the fondest memories of making these butterfly cupcakes with my Aunt when I was a wee one! xx

  3. I love these and that they seem reasonably healthy. I too have that eating problem though when I bake (which isn't often). Usually, I scoff most of the baked good before Z gets home. My butt isn't that forgiving, unfortunately.

  4. You know, I was thinking- you could replace the cream for yogurt if you were feeling particularly health conscious!

  5. Orange and poppyseed cake topped with king island cinnamon and honey yoghurt would be very drool worthy...I'm inspired and might try it this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Oh yum, I never thought of doing them with lemon curd. I might have to make some on the weekend.