Friday, July 3, 2009

Lovestamp- we have a winner!

Tinker and I put all the numbers into the back of her train and she picked the winner... drum roll...

Number 16

She actually grabbed a handful of numbers but she quickly threw them on the floor and kept hold of this one so that is you DaniV you are the lucky winner of our stunning Lovestamp prize.

Thanks again to the amazing Jo who very kindly donated this most generous gift. I am sure Dani will absolutely love it.

Don't be sad if you missed out, you now know where to find Jo's fabulous work.

Make sure you come back on Monday I have another really wonderful giveaway.

Enjoy your weekend. xx

P.s I decided to give Tempete another few days to claim her prize before I redraw on WEDNESDAY because I'm a softie and I figured maybe she has gone on holiday. Lucky duck if that is the case! I would lurve a holiday right about now. Next best thing to a holiday? A friend coming to stay. My good friend and fellow blogger Theoreticgal is coming to stay for a few days. I am very excited, she arrives tomorrow. We are hoping to get some crafting done. I'll post pics.

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