Friday, August 28, 2009

Farewell for a Fortnight

This beautiful image is courtesy of etsy seller lynndavis. Stunning isn't it?

My friends I bid you farewell for a very short while. I will be back on the 14th September, bigger and better. Ok well I'd prefer to be thinner and better but with all the genius inventions going on at my place I reckon I'll be double my size in 2 weeks.

I am having an operation and I'll be out of action for a wee while. Don't worry I'll be just fine and I'll be back soon. I have a few exciting projects to share with you all on my return. Take care and I'll see you soon.

Just don't ditch me for any of those perfect glamazon super mum blogs while I'm gone will you?

x Carolyn

It's Time for Another Winner!

This week's amazing giveaway had me wishing I could enter myself! I adore Gingerlilly Sleepwear, the fabric, the colours, the sexy but comfy designs and of course the gorgeous matching gift boxes...

Someone is about to feel very very lucky. The little Tinker picked the winner first thing this morning under the watchful gaze of Henry and Beatrice. So, who won?

*click pictures to enlarge*

The 5th entrant. Who was that? Quick go back and count down...

Simone you lucky duck, you are the winner!! Shoot me an email with your size and address and I will forward the details on to the lovely Vanessa so she can send out your prize.

Thank you all for entering and providing such great comment about sleepwear design I think they will really be interest to Vanessa and her team.

Of course the biggest thanks goes to Vanessa, thank you again for supporting Stepford Dreams with your amazing Gingerlilly Sleepwear. We love your store! xx

Fast Friday Funny - Tinker's Pick

The little Tinker is mad about funny animal videos on YouTube. I made the mistake of showing her one video of a swimming cat and ever since, she demands a new video once a day. Today's video is this silly fat cat dancing. She howls laughing and says "ok now watch it again please" over and over again. So you can thank Tinker for this week's FFF.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My kind of Kingston

Not one to blow my own horn, well not too loudly anyway... however on this occasion I feel that it is warranted. I have invented something so spectacular, something so ingenious that I may have to shut down this blog to keep up with the hoards of fans I'm likely to get once I tell you about my latest feat of brilliance.

For the non-Aussies, it may not be clear why this is so fantastic but if you have ever tried a Kingston biscuit you will know that it is impossible to keep a packet in your pantry for more than oh 12 hours. Right?

Well yesterday in a flash of creativity I created my very own Kingston biscuit only it's better. Seriously. Masterchef watch out because I am now the champion. Those two blonde bogans with the patronising piercing voices from QLD who are famous for 4 ingredient recipes also need to watch out because this brilliant invention requires only 2 ingredients.

ANZAC biscuits and Nutella. Genius.

Get 2 ANZAC biscuits and put 2 spoonfuls of Nutella between them. That is all you need to do. Now, step away from the computer, go to your pantry and try it. What kind of Aussie mum has a pantry lacking ANZAC biscuits? Now get your Nutella and get going.
All those size zero glamazon mummies with your 26 children in matching outfits, your perfect show homes and your handmade, home made fancy pants everything can go and sulk in the corner with your pipe cleaners and home made spelt pretzels because this invention trumps everything.

I dare you to come back here and tell me I'm not not a genius.
edited to add:
I've had quite a few emails from some of my overseas readers. Now don't panic. You will not miss out on my genius because the ANZAC spirit is lacking in your "cookie" aisle. Yes we say biscuit and you say cookie. Click here for my previous ANZAC post, if you scroll down you will see I have a really dead easy recipe for you to make the ANZAC biscuits at home. Even I can't ruin them, easy easy easy.

Tinker's Threads - Clown is Cool

So the little cheeky one chose the top today, can you tell? She loves it.
If you are interested in buying one let me know and I'll fish out the link. I bought this top when I was pregnant they have such fun prints there. Such a sweet little design as well.

She also loves shuffling about the house in her little leather elephant slippers from NZ. Tinker is big fan of elephants after visiting an elephant rehab farm in Chiang Mai. If anyone is interested I will post up some snaps from that holiday.

*click to enlarge pictures*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ahoy there!

image credit PeppermintDaydreams via etsy

Don't worry I'm not lost at sea.
I've received a few very kind emails asking where on earth I've gone. Hey it's only Wednesday people!!
Anyway I'm not lost at sea somewhere I'm still here and thank you for asking after me.
We have an outrageous number of things on this week. Nothing thrilling though just tedious errands mainly. Little Tinker is finally on the mend which makes things easier. I'll be back shortly to update you all on the happenings at

In the meantime have a happy Wednesday and don't forget this week's lovely giveaway!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Giveaway - Gingerlilly PJs For YOU!

I am thrilled to be offering my second giveaway of Gingerlilly Sleepwear, only this time the pjs are not for the little one in your life, they are for you! Perfect pick me up for the start of the week, don't you think?

Gingerlilly Sleepwear is a fabulous Australian company founded by the very gorgeous Vanessa Sofia who has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years both here and overseas. She knows what women want when it comes to sleepwear, I love her store. There is something at Gingerlilly for everyone. Babies, kids, men and women. Stylish, high quality pjs are a must for everyone.

Last time so many of you mentioned how much you loved the look of the Claudia set and the very lovely Vanessa from Gingerlilly has kindly offered a set of Claudia Pjs for one lucky Stepford Dreams reader. These are super stylish, super soft and definitely sexy. Perfect pyjamas, no?

Valued at $89.95 this is an awesome prize!

To win, all you need to do is this:

1. Check out Gingerlilly's online store here and tell me what you love about it and

2. Tell me what you love when it comes to sleepwear. Is it the fabric, the cut, colour, style... Tell me your favourite features. Easy as that!

This gorgeous boxed set of Claudia Sleepwear could be yours!

As always the winner will be drawn by the Tinker on Friday morning. Entries close at 5am Sydney time on Friday and you can only enter once. If you are the lucky winner you will have until 5pm Monday to claim your prize or the next lucky duck in the pond gets it! Spread the word, everyone can enter. You don't need to be an official follower of my blog. Everyone is welcome it doesn't matter where you live in the world. Good luck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A winner in a cocoon? Yep!

I'm afraid my trusty sidekick is out of action today. The Tinker has the flu. She is awfully unwell and has spent most of the day snuggled under a blanket with saying nothing but a sad little whimper. Even a jelly bean and a yellow snake lolly couldn't coax her to sit up. She really has it bad, poor little lamb.

Anyway the show must go on so I managed to score a really amazing supermodel to stand in for Tinker. Strange coincidence... the supermodel actually owns the same pink cardigan and the same Ikea apron as I do. Weird that.

Here we have the supermodel using Tinker's cup to pick the winner of our outrageously cute cocoon giveaway from Megan at Edan Rose.

*click to enlarge*

**Amy** it is YOU!

Please shoot me an email with your address and colour choice and I will pass your details on to Megan so she can send you your gorgeous prize.

Thanks again to Megan, I love supporting other mummies and I wish your fabulous store lots of luck!

Now, I must get back to my poorly bear. I'll see you all again on Monday. Bright and early for another amazing giveaway. Please tune in, you won't want to miss this one I promise. xx

Fast Friday Funny - I've found my match

So my husband and I often joke that Tinker may end up having an amazing singing voice. It will go one of two ways. Both my husband and I have HORRID singing voices, possible the worst two in Australia so our procreation could result in the world's worst singer or maybe just maybe it will work the other way. The Tinker could be very gifted...

For me, there is no hope. I cannot sing. I've always been hopeless and I always will be but this girl here, this young Chinese girl has potential. Ok I'm being facetious. She is possibly as bad or maybe even worse than me. The difference between us is that I know I can't sing. Very funny. Watch and see:

I'll be back later today to draw the winner of our giveaway. My Tinker is really sick so I don't know how helpful she will be I may need to rope Henry or Beatrice in her place.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Want to have a whale of a time? Get your jugs out!

So I was sitting down enjoying a cup of hot tea this morning. Why do I mention the fact that my tea was hot? Because lately I have been drinking lukewarm tea thanks to the constant interruptions of a certain engaging redhead. Anyway I was enjoying my break while her Grandad took her out on a walk and Viv's latest post featuring a nice jug reminded me of a post I wanted to write.

I have a thing for jugs. Get your filthy minds out of the gutter, you know who you are! I am talking about jugs usually called pitchers by my yank friends. I can't explain what it is about this piece of tableware but I'm a big fan.

One of my favourite wedding gifts was a pewter water jug by South African sculptor Carol Boyes. Here is a similar one:

My friend Glen received an awesome jug for his birthday last week and I thought I'd share it with you. It is a piece by American pottery guru Jonathan Adler.

Now I'm sure all you cool American readers know this fellow already but I'm slow off the mark and I must say I've totally fallen for him. He can be my new gay-husband. He is fabulous I love his work.

I don't know where to find Jonathan's pieces here in Australia but I will keep an eye out and maybe I'll just have to fire up that American post office box again. You know the secret shopping one I leased and successfully hid from my husband for almost a year? Now that was a cunning covert operation let me tell you!

This is the whale jug that Glen's sister bought for him and I have decided that I absolutely need one of my very own.

They also have a gorgeous matching butter dish. Again a piece of tableware I have a freaky fascination for. How can you not love a butter dish? I also love butter knives.

Freak alert. I know. But it could be worse couldn't it? It's not like I'm Angelina that time she revealed her love for knife throwing and bondage is it?

Anyway girls, get your jugs out because they are gorgeous not just for drinks but for holding a bunch of cute flowers picked fresh from your very own garden. Tinker is obsessed with picking the nastertions from our weed infested garden. They actually have a really beautiful scent. The ones we have here are bright orange but otherwise identical to this one pictured below.

Have a very happy Thursday, I will see you all again tomorrow. Please make sure you enter my giveaway today. Tinker will be drawing the winner tomorrow. Who doesn't love a cute baby gift? These little cocoons are ideal as gifts for baby showers and new babies. So sweet, so snug. xx

Tinker's Threads - Choc & Mauve

Well the little Tinker sure has her favourites. When it comes to accessories she really loves her owl hairclip and her brown knitted vest. At least they go well together I suppose, but she has so much choice, why the repetition?! With me the reason I keep wearing the same things over and over again can be blamed entirely on the fact that I'm still sporting about 8 kilos of baby-weight that I just can't shake & I refuse to go shopping in my inflated size. My old clothes don't fit so I am stuck with a rather limited wardrobe. Stubborn? Stingy? A bit of both I think. Either way I need to snap out of it and lose the spare tyre before her 2nd birthday or I'll completely lose my mind. Or my fashion mojo.

**click pictures to enlarge**

Red, mauve and brown all working well. Who'd have thunk it? That said, the Tinker looks cute in any combination of colours. Well, that's what I think anyway. Stay tuned for more trend tips from the Tinker. xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's for Dinner Wednesday? Curry!

Chicken curry and a confession.

I am a thief. I stole this recipe from Australian Good Taste magazine but that isn't even the half of it. I stole the magazine from the waiting room at my doctor's office. Horrified? I couldn't leave it behind I had to have it. I'm sorry universe.

So you know what I did? I swapped it for my current Vogue magazine. I had it in my bag ready to read while I was waiting. I made the ultimate sacrifice. I exchanged style for sustenance. It says a lot about who I am these days doesn't it? Ok so it says I'm a thief but it also says that when you become a mum your priorities totally shift. Amen to that. Bye Anna Wintour, hello Donna Hay.

Thai Chicken Curry


2 tsp vegetable oil

300g chicken tenderloins halved crossways

1 tbsp yellow curry paste

1 onion, halved and cut into thin wedges

250ml (1 cup) light coconut milk

80ml (1/3 cup) water

150g green beans, topped and halved

1 red capsicum thinly sliced

1 zucchini thinly sliced

fresh coriander to serve

steamed rice


1. heat oil in wok over medium heat til smoking. Add chicken cook 2 mins til golden.

2. Add curry paste and onion. Stir fry til onion is soft.

3. Add coconut milk and water, bring to the boil. Cook 3 mins. Add beans, capsicum and zucchini cook for 2 mins. Beans should be bright green and chicken cooked through.

4. Divide into 4 bowls serve with rice and top with coriander.

EASY mid-week meal and cheap too $3.79 per serve!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Parenting Blog Envy

Strange topic, I know, but I wonder if anyone can relate. The more I blog and discover other blogs (addictive isn't it?) I find myself feeling a rather familiar but unpleasant sensation. Envy.

At university I was always envious of those super chic girls who managed to look fabulous AND win every law school medal all at the same time. While I fumbled with a bulky bag and sneakers and hovered on a credit average. Seriously how did they manage perfect blow dries and heels for 9am lectures? Did they all have cars and parking spots while I schlepped in on the train?

In high school I was envious of the girls who always had the cool clothes and the boyfriends... It wasn't until year 12 that I snagged a boyfriend and even then he was definitely a freak. What was I thinking? Yes I realise that in retrospect a Timberland sweatshirt and bootleg jeans really were hideous but that didn't stop my turning green wishing I owned my very own set.

Now here I am almost thirty, a mother and I'm meant to be all mature. My outlook should be laid back and wise, my feelings tempered and virtuous yet I find myself green with envy again. So what sends me into an emerald hue these days? Well you know those blogs written by other mummies, the really perfect ones? The thin and pretty ones who manage to post these amazingly styled photos of their many children while juggling crafting and cooking and whatever else these supermums manage to fit into their days? And here I am with only one child and I can't manage a tenth of that. Maybe I take the easy route with my daily activities? I don't like chaos. I'm a big fan or order, I like everything to be just so...

Seriously on a practical lever I want to know HOW they do it? While they are gluing pipe cleaners onto egg shells and baking bread from scratch where are their kids? Who is wiping noses, changing nappies and playing pretend with the good cutlery? Who is folding the washing, walking the dogs, making the beds, reading Bumbletum and replying to emails? Who? I just don't get how they do it all?

Does everyone else have armies of staff they just don't mention on their blogs? Or is it just me? Am I just a hopelessly inefficient, chubby, sloth of a housewife? What's going on? I only get 24 hours in my day does everyone else get more? And while I'm there, am I the only blogger who has no web design capabilities? All I see these days are fancypants blogs, stunning bloggers with oodles of time to craft and sew and I can't seem to get my act together to handle more than one play date a week let alone find my sewing machine or get my husband's shirts washed on time. I feel like there might be a conspiracy and nobody is filling me in.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Job Interviews

I'm lucky Tinker likes me because if I had to go out and interview for a new job I think I'd have to top myself on the way there. You cannot imagine how much I despise job interviews. It might have something to do with my hatred of HR people in general or maybe it is my aversion to team sports and musical instruments? Either way I make for a lousy job applicant. I always have.

Back when I was at university and I joined the manic rush for a summer clerkship at a prestigious corporate law firm, I sold my soul for a day and went to an interview at the firm made famous in Sydney for its unscrupulous document shredding.

At the interview high up in the Wintergarden overlooking our beautiful city sat me, about 20 gallons of lipgloss (what was I thinking?) some HR twit and one of the partners from the M&A team. The partner seemed to like me, we made some lame small talk about how his sons went to Riverview and how I kicked their school's pansy ass in a debating comp in tenth grade and I think I may have spun a story about playing the violin or was it the cello? It had strings anyway.

He seemed to be coming to the end of his questions when he flicked through my application again and asked "so Carolyn you said here that our firm is progressive. What exactly did you mean by that?"

I don't think I even stopped to take a breath. I wish I had. My instant reply?

"Progressive? Oh that's just an HR catchphrase I threw in there."

The coiffed cow from HR dropped her clicky pen. It rolled across the jarrah table towards the partner. It may have hit one of his pieces of paper, I'm not sure. I was too busy swallowing my own tongue and praying for terrorists to fly a plane into the building. "I'm sorry?" he asked. But it was too late for a second chance then. I knew I'd blown it so I gulped, smiled and said "that's right. It's just an HR catchphrase I used to bulk up my application. I'm not sure I can really think of anything that makes this firm progressive to me."

And with that, I was ushered out, never to return.

I have pages and pages of similar tales but the bottom line is that I don't interview well at all. It's just not something that works well for me, I'm brutally blunt and not at all good when it comes to talking myself up. I hate it so much that I become a defiant mouthy little rat. So, just another reason why I love love love being a housewife. Please house, don't ever divorce me? No more interviews!
So tell me, do you have any shocking interview blunders?

Is this your lucky day?

Ok it's redraw time, this is your second chance to win something gorgeous from Honeybunch Designs and Ivy Designs!
My able helper is very busy catching up on her beauty sleep so I have turned to a far less pretty helper. Mr random.

So, here we go the winner of the Honeybunch Designs giveaway is:

#4 so that means Cloth Paper Stitches, you are the winner of our Honeybunch Designs prize.

And the winner of the Ivy Designs giveaway is:

#9 So that means Mrs Clarkson you are the winner!

Shoot me an email to claim your prizes! xx

Ok so I have just looked at these pictures and for some reason (probably something to do with my technostupidity) you can't see the winner generated but I can. You will have to trust me on those numbers! Meh. The Tinker does a far better job than the silly random generator.

Monday Giveaway- Baby Cocoon

Top of the morning to you all! It's Monday again *groan* but that also means it is time for another great giveaway here *cheer*. So cheer up Charlie the working week isn't all bad.

The very lovely WAHM Megan from Edan Rose contacted me recently to tell me about her very clever little baby cocoons. Now, Tinker and I have moved on from all the soft cuddly newborn things and onto the loud, fast, bouncy delights of toddlerhood but I am still partial to a great newbie gift idea and I think Megan's baby cocoons are fabulous.

Edan Rose Cocoons are handkitted pieces of glowworm goodness! All little babies love being swaddled nice and tight just like in the womb. Perfect in the pram or out and about to keep bubby warm. Made of a acrylic, wool and nylon blend so they are durable and soft. Megan recommends using a light wrap under the cocoon for sleeping so that little fingers and toes don't escape through the knit (although this is very cute!)

Cocoons prevent the newborn startle reflex from waking baby. You know how I love anything that promotes more sleep!

To use, simply roll the cocoon down and place baby in feet first and then roll the cocoon up and over baby making sure babies head is exposed.

Photographers will love these for new baby photo shoots as well! Valued at $35 they are a great gift.

I love to support other Aussie mums, and with three little ones at home and a successful craft business I think Megan deserves a Stepford Dreams gold star. You can find her here.

To win your very own Edan Rose cocoon all you need to do is check out her Madeit store for Aussie shoppers OR her Etsy store for OS shoppers. Leave a comment below telling me what you love about these adorable cocoons. Easy! Tinker will draw the winner on Friday.


Now, while we are on the topic of giveaways I thought I might mention a few NEW conditions for my weekly giveaways. Entries will always close at 5am Friday (Sydney time) and the winner must check the winner announcements to see if they have won. I'm too cool to chase unless you are Jude Law then maybe I'll shoot you an email. Winner must email me by 5pm Monday or the prize will be forfeited and redrawn on Monday afternoon.
I have two redraws to do this afternoon so stay tuned!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Boy Bedding- By Request

Last week Simone left me a comment here asking about my tips for funky bedding for little boys. Something perfect for her toddler, not too babyish but not too grown up. Something stylish? I think so. How about these, Simone?

Red & Blue Stripes with a hint of Cowboy

This stylish ensemble is from one of my favourites- Red Plum Linen. Red and blue stripes will outlast the toddler years and the cowboy print makes it fun. Made in Australia, beautiful quality, stylish prints and lots of custom features you really can't go wrong.

Robot chic with a touch of Orange

Robots are cool. Just ask Tinker, she has a crush on Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. This gorgeous bedding is from The Land of Nod. An American online store (they ship here don't worry) with really funky bedding, toys and furniture. Tinker has some beautiful cot bedding from here and some really well made toys as well. Big tick from me!

Chesnut Hill in Deep Water

Now this IS cool. Etsy seller Tiptoe Studio creates custom listings for your baby or toddler. So many fabrics to choose from, these feature some of my personal favourites from the very clever Joel Dewberry range. This is perfect for an ultra stylish little boy's room. Once you add some cute toys and little boy furniture I think this is the kind of bedding to last him a very long time.

Cheap & Cheerful Cars

This funky car bedding set is from our favourite bunch of Swedes. IKEA. For $30 you can't go past this cute ensemble for great value for money. Not too heavy with the primary colours and team it with some bespoke cushions and maybe a folded quilt and this will be a bed fit for a prince. Tinker loves cars and trucks, you all know about her funny knock knock joke!

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Winner Day Again!

Such a fabulous response to our Cookshop Plus Giveaway. Thank you again to the lovely Caroline who now has a great blog which you can find here. Who doesn't love amazing things in their kitchen? This was such a fabulous prize I am sad to pack it up and send it off! Anyway let's draw the winner, Tinker style. I used a Pyrex jug, my try-hard attempt at keeping the theme kitchenish. Shut up I know creativity has never been my strong suit.

Complete with cookie crumbs and crayon under her nails the little Tink picked a winner...

Permanently Twenty Three it's you! Please shoot me an email with your address and I'll send your prize out to you. While I'm talking about prizes, last week's winner has not yet emailed me. I am going to start a new rule on MOnday that people have 3 days to make contact otherwise Tinker redraws!! So Digella you'd better get your skates on my friend!
I really hope everyone has a great weekend. Here in Sydney we are expecting summer weather for this strange winter weekend. I think I heard 28 degrees C on Sunday! It's August, hello! Lucky people us Sydney-siders. Make sure you all return on Monday for ANOTHER great giveaway. xx Carolyn

Fast Friday Funny - Telemarketers

Usually I say "no thank you" and hang up on telemarketers but I think I might have something really special up my sleeve after seeing this amusing video below. Check it out. I think this Fast Friday Funny will definitely make you smile. For the non-aussies, turn the sound up because the accents are rather broad Australian ones so you'll want to hear it clearly.

I will be back later this afternoon. Yes, I know you are all itching to hear who wins the amazing giveaway this week!
As some of you know I have managed to secure an appointment with the famous neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo for my beautiful best friend Alli. We are headed there today. Please continue to pray for her, cancer is evil but Alli has a fighting spirit, with all of your good thoughts she will get through.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tinker's Threads - Aqua Eclectic

So today the Tinker went for a cute combination of chocolate brown, pink and aqua with a hint of white. As always she is outrageously hip and amazingly cute. Yes I am allowed to say so because she is not me so I don't think singing the praises of one's child is akin to buying tickets on oneself... least I hope not because all I do is bang on about how she amazes me with her cuteness.

*click to enlarge*

Yesterday my mum heard the Tinker telling herself a knock-knock joke and chuckling. Apparently she was knocking on the lid of a box saying "knock knock" and in a high pitched voice she asked who was there and then in her normal voice replied "cargo" and then in her high pitched voice said "cargo who?" and she replied "car go broom broom" then proceeded to chuckle.

I've never taught her that knock knock joke so I was a bit bemused, until Mum says it is on one of the children's shows the Tinker watched once when Yo Gabba Gabba wasn't on. There you go, kids watching TV isn't all bad. Not only does it mean you can have a wee without an audience, it also means your children learn hilarious knock knock jokes. An oxymoron really. Does anyone find knock knock jokes funny?

Anyway it is Thursday and you know what that means? Tomorrow is Friday and I will be drawing the winner of my giveaway on Friday. Today is your last chance to enter. I will close entries at 9am Friday ok? Tinker will draw the winner in the afternoon. Good luck. Click here to enter.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's for Dinner Wednesday? Nothing!

I don't have a recipe for you today because I'm back on my cooking strike. Don't ask. It involves schnitzel. Again.

So that you don't think I'm totally slack I have a double dose of Tinker's Threads this week. One today and one tomorrow. What more could you ask for? Ok so you'd probably ask for a lot more than to know what some weird blogger's kid is wearing but that's all I've got this week.

So here is my Tinker today I hope you have a brilliant Wednesday. Please keep Alli in your thoughts. xx

*just click on the image to enlarge it*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot- Gingerbread

One photo to describe an entire day?

Since today is only half done I can only say that this picture tells you enough about my morning. One word. Food. Some people when faced with stress & sadness, find it impossible to eat. They lose oodles of weight. The only oodles going down at my place are oodles of noodles. When stressed I eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. Oh why couldn't I be to the too stressed to eat type?

This morning on my way out to visit Alli at the hospital with Tinker my friendly postie delivered a small box. I was so excited to find a box of homemade gingerbread men inside. My wonderful friend Cazz sent them to cheer me up.

Now lets not even start on the fact that she manages to juggle two kids a demanding part time job and a husband and a home AND bakes and decorates armies of gingerbread men in her spare time.

So tell me, what cheers you up? Are you another unfortunate type like me who can never tire of sweets?

Oh and I'm sorry posts are a little light on the ground this week my plate is huge but perhaps not quite huge enough for all this food! Please keep praying for Alli she needs your thoughts and prayers right now. xx

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Giveaway - Cookshop Plus!

Following last week's mega giveaway I am pleased to report that I can brighten your Monday morning with an equally fabulous prize!

From the very fine people at Cookshop Plus in Bowral particularly one of their most brilliant staff and one of my dearest friends- Caroline, we have for you a fabulous box of goodies.

From Zero Teapots, Japan's leading teapot manufacturer we have the ultimate in solo tea-lover's gadgets. Forget those fugly bulky things you add to the top of your clunky mug. This single person teapot is stunning. If you are like me and you love your tea but nobody else at home does then this flawless porcelain teapot is ideal. Sometimes the Japanese do create some really wacky things but come on, this teapot is clever and cute. It has a removable stainless mesh strainer that covers the opening on the inside of the pot where the spout joins the body. Allowing your tea maximum contact with the water so the leaves are strained as you pour. Genius! Go on, stop buying your daggy teabags and go back to leaves! You know you want to. RRP $54.95

As well as your beautiful shiny red teapot you get this adorable red trimmed natural fibre oven mitt. This isn't just any old oven mitt. This is fit for a queen. THE Queen. Seriously. You know you've got yourself a fancypants oven mitt when the label is stamped with this, the Royal Warrant:

This is clearly the only oven mitt a true devotee of Stepford Dreams would be seen wearing. Plus, it matches your teapot. What more could you want? RRP $14.95It doesn't stop here. From the Barefoot Contessa's kitchen we have her famous Outrageous Brownie Mix. This isn't any old packet mix. If you are not familiar with Ina Garten you must google her, she is an amazing cook. Of her brownie recipe she says “I tested this recipe so many times that I am positive it is the best brownie recipe you will find.” These brownies are rich, dark, chewy and with just the subtlest hint of coffee…these brownies are incredible! And this box mix makes them easy to bake. Great to have on hand to make a fabulous dessert for guests or when you’re craving a sweet treat. RRP $17.95

Cookshop Plus is one of Australia's premier kitchenware boutiques. They stock all the major kitchenware brands, plus a new range of exclusive imported products from America, including an extensive range of Stonewall Kitchen. After a move and a major renovation, the shop has undergone a transformation into homeware heaven, with everything from Conran towels to Mauviel Copperware, and (just arrived) one of Australia's most extensive ranges of Nordic Bakeware. Located in the gorgeous Southern Highlands of NSW, Cookshop Plus is a fabulous shopping experience for the home chef (and Stepford Dreamer).

To enter all you need to do is visit their online store HERE or if you are local, pop in and have a look around in person. Leave me a comment below telling me what your kitchen needs from Cookshop Plus. I don't think you will have any trouble, I am lusting over everything from the Lintex napery to the Zyliss Salad Spinner and the Soulfood Liquid Smoke. I love this store!

As with all my giveaways, the Tinker will draw the winner on Friday and everyone can enter. It doesn't matter where you live or if you are a follower or not. You know I hate blogs that make you jump through hoops for giveaways, so go on enter this week!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Winner- Ivy Designs Giveaway

What an overwhelming response to my beautiful Ivy Designs giveaway. I'm pretty sure Wynona was blown away with all the wonderful feedback you gave her! Thank you all for entering, I hope you will all try again next Monday when I announce another massive giveaway.

Ok I'll stop talking and start posting... I know you all want to see who won!

Digella, It's you! Email me your address and I'll post it today.

Have a great weekend everyone, make sure you tune in again on Monday for another amazing giveaway.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fast Friday Funny- Breast Feeding Doll

image credit berjuan

Okey dokey so there has been a fair bit of uproar about this Spanish dolly Bebe Gloton. She is a little baby doll who comes with a set of almost-breasts for your child to strap on and use to breast feed the dolly.

Ok so by "almost breasts" I am referring to the crop top with two flowers on the front in place of nipples. When the child holds the dolly up to the flowers the dolly begins to make sucking motions.


People have been horrified by this. Frankly I find it quite amusing and I'm not sure I'm upset by it at all. We have dollies who do little poos and pees in little fake potties. We have dollies who come with bottles of milk, we have dollies who come with fake solid food and we have dollies who swim in the bath. Why is this any different?

Not saying I'm going to buy one puh-lease, but I don't see what the furore is about? How is breastfeeding a sexual thing? That's perverted! It's a feeding issue like the bottle.

I can't even link you through to the doll's official website because it has collapsed due the pressure of a gazillion more hits than ever anticipated, but believe me it's a real doll!

Here is a link to a demo video of Bebe Gloton on youtube.

Anyway it is my fast friday funny for this week and stay tuned I will be back later with the winner of our massive giveaway.

For those who follow me on Twitter, thank you for your prayers and support. Keep on praying for Alli. If you or someone you know has contact with Dr Charlie Teo please email asap thanks x

Ivy Designs Update

For those slow coaches who haven't caught onto this week's giveaway you'd better hurry because Tinker is drawing the winner tomorrow. Just click here to enter, it is as easy as ever. There has to be a winner, shouldn't it be you? Give it a try!

You know I hate those stupid giveaways that make you jump through hoops. I saw one last week for a dog's lead I think it was. To enter would have taken at least 20 minutes and you'd need to follow this and that tweet this, comment here, read this. Blah blah. I promise never to do that.

It is a particularly good time to check out my giveaway link because Ivy Designs is having a massive sale. Wonderful winter stock is making way for some seriously cool summer stuff so get in quick and stock up for next winter while you can.

Just click here to shop shop shop. You know you want to!