Sunday, April 12, 2009

...and I'm a chocoholic

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

I have decided that once the current batch of chocolate in our house is all gone, there will be no more. NO MORE.

Seriously. It's crunch time. Bugger. That made me think of A.) a Crunchie bar and B.) a Crunch bar you know those rice crispy chocolatey momentos of the late 80's... or is that just me?

Anyway I've had it with my post baby body and I think it is time for me to cut the cord, the chocolate has to go.

Wish me luck, this is going to be tricky.

In other Easter news, I'm wondering what you all do in terms of decorating? I don't have any childhood memories of decorating the house for Easter at all but it seems to be the thing now. Or is that just amongst the modern Martha types?

I haven't really done anything here other than put a pot of yellow tulips on a window sill in the kitchen. my Tinker has a little baby watering can that her best friend bought her at Christmas time so I help her to water the Easter tulips with it. Then I added a little bunny toy to my lemon bowl and voila ... a haphazard Easter ledge.

If any of you have actually gone to some effort or perhaps you have just shoved a plastic bunny onto a shelf somewhere, I'd love it if you sent through a picture for me to post here next to my sad little shelf.


  1. that is way cute C! I guess I am out of the loop, as i didnt even know people decorate for easter. but there you go.

    Happy easter to you and your family, and good luck with the chocolate thing

  2. a) Crunch. mmmmmmm
    b) Easter decorating. very Martha

  3. Yep I decorate the house for easter have a look at my album on facebook : ) Your display looks very cute Jade xx

  4. Crunch instantly made me think of Crunchies ... Mmm!

    Happy Easter, Gorgeous xoxo

  5. Crunch - reminded me of the gym membership I have at Crunch fitness! I need to pay them a visit soon! ha

  6. I have never been involved in Easter decorating, either when I was a child or now. Maybe I will change when I have kids. Who knows?

    I am with you on the 'no more chocolate' thing. I don't even have an excuse, I am just fat. So once it's gone, it's gone.

  7. Glad it isn't just me being out of the loop.I think maybe it is becoming more popular here as we get more and more American with our holidays? Jade I just saw your lovely pictures, you are officially our very own Martha.

  8. LOL I agree we are becoming more American but I must admit I love home decorating- it gets me in the mood for easter : )

  9. A little dark chocolate never hurt a girl... As far as weight loss, I lost 10lbs using the Daily Plate at It's time intensive, but really makes you THINK before putting something in your mouth. In fact, perhaps I should return to that...

  10. I think your shelf is lovely. It is more than I had unless you count the endless projects of my son, who's first grade teacher seems to have an abundance of art paper, paint, and glitter. Those are decorations that I can not help but to put them on the wall with much pride.

  11. Yuuuuumm, chocolate, your post made my mouth water. I am a self-confessed chocoholic trying to break the habit. I feel for you. Yesterday I was given a small bar of Toblerone which I devoured in one sitting, my excuse was that my pledge to quit was framed as...."not buying any chocolate for myself"...And today at work...chocolate mud cake which was just screaming for me to eat it...guess who couldn't resist. I have managed to refrain from buying a Kit-Kat a day at work from the cafeteria (apart from one relapse which is amazing for me). When I was at my worst I ate all the Easter eggs that I had bought for the family the day I bought them and had to go out the next day and buy more. Now that cured me from eating chocolate for a long time lol.....Good luck!!!