Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ok people, the time has come.

I hate exercise more than anything but I have agreed to do the Mothers Day Classic, a 4km run.

My best friend has cancer and she only has one half decent lung working and even she is particpating in this event so how could a lazy so & so like me get out of it?!

Now comes your role in all of this craziness.

I really need sponsors.

Please please please even if you can only spare $2, would you please sponsor me to run this event?

Just think... How lame would it be if I didn't even raise some money for cancer research AND I collapsed after a minute of jogging?

I am so unfit and I hate running so please think about donating money, I promise to post pics of me looking like a sad red faced tomato doing the run. I even bought one of the poxy t-shirts to wear.

Here is the link to sponsor me:

MY BEST FRIEND HAS CANCER. So I think you should all cough up and sponser me to raise money for cancer research. I'm running the Mothers Day Classic for Alli. You all know how much I hate exercise so please donate some money and support cancer research. Do it for Alli. Pretty please? Here is my link:


  1. I am doing this in Brisbane, and am also very unfit and will be a nice shade of red after 200 metres (I don't mind being pale, really. I just don't like going red all the time).

    Good luck with it, I'm sure you will have a laugh if nothing else! Have sponsored you, you are moving up the latter :)

    All the best to you and Alli xo

  2. Oh thank you thank you thank you so much for your generosity!! x

  3. We sponsored you as well - any chance to see a running tomato LOL.

    Seriously I remember your first posts about Ali sttruggling with her horrendous cancer. Ihave lost family members too it and I wish Ali all the best

  4. You're brilliant.

    Love to you & Alli.

  5. Best of luck to you and Alli Carolyn!
    What a great thing to do for cancer research (I'm afraid all I can do is sponsor!)

  6. Dear TG I miss you so much in our pram crazy group. I have sponsored also but was a bit tired when Caz sent the link and stuffed up the little note. But the $109 is from me!
    Kate XX (Purplemayden)

  7. Hello, just reading up on ur blogs, very creative material! Hope to keep in contact and please feel free to read some of my work, you will enjoy. :)

    Talk you you then, all the luck,