Friday, April 24, 2009

Something Sweet

As most of you know, I am a wannabe crafter. I buy all the gadgets and materials and then I either botch the projects or I just pack them away for when I suddenly acquire some talent and skill. Something I planned to do was frame some beautiful fabrics. As always I have not done this. I did start it, but I didn't finish. Ok so define 'start'?

Ok fine I didn't start it but I did prepare the project. I bought the fabric. Maybe one day.

I recently found Ish and Chi a fabulous Sydney based etsy store run by Viv the author of the gorgeous blog by the same name. She does wonderful things framing fabric so I thought I'd show you something really lovely from her Etsy store here:

You can buy this beauty HERE to hang on your wall for $25US I think it is a fantastic price for a really pretty piece of art. It isn't only something for Sydneysiders either, Ish & Chi ship internationally.

I am in love with peonies and had hoped to feature them in my wedding bouquets. Unfortunately they were not in season when I got married so ever since I have lusted after these beautiful flowers in any shape or form.

Have a great Friday folks, I'm off to prepare lunch. The Tinker and I have a lunch playdate today with my lovely friend Laura and her gorgeous girl Sophia.



  1. How sweet you are. I wish I could be there too. Too much water between. Enjoy your fun.

  2. my god, I just saw how many followers you have! your a star!

  3. i'm just begining to follow your blog and already am in love! how cute is the framed fabric! never thought of that before!
    thanks for the inspiration!
    I too am a "bad crafter" w/ lots of ideas and little/no follow through!

  4. Thanks for the link - love those frames. (esp. the Amy Butler fabric)


  5. hey,, nice..
    good to know, u r fond of such creativity..
    keep going'
    Happy weekend Mate'


  6. DH and I are going to have to get a bigger bed as my craft bins are threatening to overflow from beneath with all of my projects. Next time he asks me why I haven't gotten around to them, I think I'll steal your excuse, "Just waiting on the talent/skill". I wonder what he'll say? Hopefully he'll be able to keep a hold on the gales of laughter until he's left the room or I might just have to throw one of those bins at him.

  7. I spent over $2k on scrapbooking stuff a couple of years ago ... all of which stayed in a big plastic tub until I eventually gave it away to the Salvo's at Christmas. Because they have use for that stuff, y'know ;)


  8. I love the creativity in u, the frames are great, i love them........cheers.

  9. ME? No neic I did not make these beautiful artworks! Viv from Ish and Chi made them.

  10. You are too kind :)

    I wanted to tell you that every time I visit your blog I crave trifle.

    Loving the new look!

    Viv xx