Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mothers and babies

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about homebirths, freebirths and hospital births.

A lot of people think how a mother gives birth to her baby should be entirely her decision.

They tend to use the line the pro-abortionists use- "her body, her choice".

For me personally, a woman's body is her own. Yep I agree...UNTIL she becomes pregnant. Then she is also the guardian of her child's body as well.

So she must always make decisions in her child's best interest. That is what being a mother is all about.

So in my mind it is insane that any mother would choose NOT to be as close to a neonatal intensive care unit when giving birth to her baby.

Fortunately very few babies need admission to high dependency units like the NICU at birth, but some do. And often there is no indication prior, often low risk mums can go through very normal labours only to deliver a baby who requires life saving treatment immediately.

Why take the risk? Why deprive a new born of immediate access to this type of care?

I will never understand it.


  1. AS you know, I've experienced NICU, he wanted to come early and I was lucky there was a cot for him, there is am extreme shortage of beds for these sick bubs, I know some Aussie girls have been flown to New Zealand or interstate to get the care the bubs need when NICU is required.
    You are so right with our bodies being our own and carrying a child you must also look out for that little bundle, that's why I find it hard now to look at a smoking brothers girlfriend used the line, my doc said I shouldn't stop as it will stress the baby, blah! If you plan the baby, STOP first. I saw the hardship first hand of a baby, my own, struggle with life, from being 16 weeks early, thankfully he came through.
    Good point!

  2. I agree, its not for me either.

  3. I completely agree, and also feel strongly. I had a very realistic but fatalist approach to the birth of my first - meaning, birth plan: be open to needing help and drugs and what happens will happen... and oh, IN HOSPITAL - just in case!
    I couldn't have known that I would have an obstetric emergency which would require many many midwives and blood and many many stitches, god help me if I'd 'felt my baby would enjoy a peaceful relaxing home birth'. I get angry every time I see that kind of 'birth experience' promoted as a must-have, there are too many what-ifs even when everything seems normal.
    I wish anyone who does the home birth thing all the luck in the world... they might need it, even if they don't expect it.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents!
    Love Nina x

  4. I worked in Labor and Delivery before I had my son and I know first hand the many things that can go wrong when being in labor and giving birth. Myself, I had pre-eclampsia and was on bedrest from 32 weeks on. I delivered at 36 weeks after being induced and spending a week in the hospital while they monitored my blood pressure extensively.

    My mother also had a complication with my younger brother. He was posterior, (which means he was postioned to come out face up) and the doctor had to turn him during a contraction. He did so and what they think happened is his little tiny fingernail nicked the inside of her uterus causing her to bleed internally. The only reason they found out what was wrong was that she was having a tubal ligation afterwards. If she had not delivered at that hospital and possibly with that doctor, she most likely would have bled to death.

    I'm very much an anti-midwife, even anti-family practitioner kind of gal and will keep it that way!!!

  5. Wow, I love your line about the women's body.. once you become pregnant you become a guardian for your baby. Well said!

  6. Perfect read! When I was preggo with my son, I wanted a natural child birth, in a tub, no epidural, no assistance! Then at 5 months I was put on bed rest cause of Toxemia! At 7 1/2 months I had to have an emergancy c-section. My son was born 6 weeks early, weighing 4 pounds and was in Level II NICU for 14 days! Ladies, a hospital is the best way to go! You just never know!

  7. when my pregnancy was going well a home birth sounded such a good idea, luckly my husband had the sense to tell me that mine and my baby's life was just not worth the risk of those few critical minutes waiting for an ambulance if it went wrong....those minutes to a poorly mum or baby could be the difference between life and death. Baby did decide to try come early but luckly the hosptial was great( although having no beds i was sent by ambulance to another hosptial.) After the labour was stopped I was in and out of hospital untill the safe arrival of my baby daughter born in hospital with all the things she may have needed if things went wrong!!

  8. Kudos! My first pregnancy, I was young, healthy and had a perfectly smooth pregnancy.
    My baby even "baked" a couple extra weeks, but as the other ladies stories show, labor never goes as "planned"--my little bun aspirated fluids (i.e. poo)and ended up in the shiny, new NICU. Thank goodness for those lovely nurses and doctors. Hooray modern medicine! As my Aunt once told me.."Nobody is going to hang a gold star on your door for not taking the epidural".