Thursday, April 2, 2009


Help, I need some ideas!

It is my 2 year wedding anniversary in two weeks and I need a gift suggestion, the traditional theme is cotton and we are sticking with the traditional themes.

I bought a huge canvas print of one of our wedding photos. Figured canvas was cotton? Anyway it was meant to be a surprise but the twits at Australia Post delivered it at 7am this morning without even ringing the bell so as my husband left for work he bumped into it on our porch.

Great. So now the surprise is ruined and I want to give him another gift but I have no more ideas. It needs to be something reasonably priced since I went to a lot of expense with the bigger than life canvas thing.

He won't be reading this, he says he looks at my blog but I know he is lying so please if you have any ideas pop them in the comments section thanks!


  1. God is it terrible that I have already forgotten what we did for 2 years! I think I was given manchester (I have an addiction)

    Maybe some nice cotton PJ's for him?

  2. I was thinking PJs or a robe too!

    Or a gorgeous chunky blanket to snuggle under in winter.

  3. If he has a family crest maybe a tshirt for him with the family crest on it. Perhaps on for your little one as well.

  4. I love bedding but it would really be a gift for me if I bought that. I have already done the PJs and robe thing for our honeymoon and he never wears them anyway. Prefers some daggy old boxers! Family crest, nice idea but no blue blood here so I don't think there is a crest!

  5. Might be a little late for this but why not give him you dress in cotton balls! say it's partly clouding with a chance of showers (carry a squit bottle and get a sitter)

    okay that might be for those with out kids but fun at the very least! :)