Friday, April 3, 2009

One Stop Divorce Shop

My husband once told me that if I ever dared to decorate our home with any sort of Griffon-related art he'd be forced to divorce me!

Growing up with two dogs, a black Scottish Terrier and a white West Highland Terrier his mother filled their house with Scotty & Westie craft. Cross stitches, calendars, cushions, doormats, coatsers. you name it! So kitsch, so funny.

Anyway when we got our two little Griffon Bruxellois dogs (the cutest breed on earth. Go on I dare you to argue with me) I was enamoured with my little bearded canine children. I really wanted some Griffon things. So I had to settle for things I was banned from displaying in the house like an umbrella with Griffons on it, a mug that I took to work, a pair of PJs, a bumper sticker, a coaster that I hid in my study and the exception I was allowed to have on display only once a year? Christmas tree decorations. Shut up I can hear you all snickering through the computer.

My husband has been annoying me of late so I am really tempted to buy him this piece of "art" as his anniversary gift!!

It is only $35 on Etsy here:

We could hang it downstairs in the room known as 'the man cave'. It is meant to be our media room where he can mix tunes for his podcasts and watch football and yell at Hawthorn with the door shut. It would look so lovely on his desk there...

Alternatively I could get him this delightful apron. I can just see him with a Bitburger in one hand and some tongs in the other. Turning meat on the BBQ wearing this:

Available here for $18.99US


  1. Remember the other day when you asked for an anniversary gift idea? Well that painting must be brought. Even better, hang it somewhere discreet (like a shed, or back of the toilet door), and not tell him about it.

    I'd do it just for the laugh. LOL

  2. Ahahaha I love it! Do it!

    Although I maintain that Westies are the cutest breed - with Griffon's an extremely close second ;)

    Is H and B sociable? We can have a doggy play date when I move down :p

  3. Ha ha ha ha, oooh I hope you do! Mwahh ha ha!