Friday, April 24, 2009


One of the loveliest and most talented photographers in Australia is doing a very kind thing for a very worthy cause.

Rachel is calling for people to submit photos of their children with the words "I'm praying for Beau" a little baby boy with Type 1 SMA he is 10 months old and not very well at all.

His parents have asked for people to pray for him, so if you are the praying type please do and if not, please spare a loving thought for this little fellow.

Rachel has asked for people to send the pictures to her and if you are interested you can follow THIS link.

Rachel says I want to fill a gallery with “I’m praying for Beau” photos.
I need you to take a photo that includes the words “I’m praying for Beau”. The creativity is up to you.I want your photo to represent you or your family or your home etc. I want to get photos from all over Australia…the world.
You could have your child hold up the words on a sign. You could write the words in the sand. Your could draw them with chalk on the concrete.

Beau's parents would really appreciate the effort at what must be a soul destroying time for them so if you have the time, please do send a cute photo through for little Beau.

Life seems very unfair sometimes.


  1. Passing on an 'honest Scrapper' award to you.
    Check out the rules in my blog.
    You deserve it!

  2. that sounds like a really beautiful project - thank you for drawing attention to it. I wasn't able to access the link though but will find it on google.

  3. This is very sweet and as I friend of a parent who lost their child to Type I SMA at 9 months old, I can tell you this will mean the world to Beau's parents.

  4. I sent in a photo..thanks for sharing this blessing!

  5. I posted your link on my Tangle account as a prayer request.

    Prayer works.

    Thank you for posting this C.

  6. I sent in a photo..thanks for shsring this blessing!!

  7. Thank for sharing this. It was very sad to hear about Beau's passing. We are lifting up his family in prayer.